Cameroon need Cameroonians Can we?


Anglophones revolt against a system that has failed to stand up to the needs of the people. Fact

That system involved almost every one in a public office. Fact

You are vex and advocating to fight to the last Fact

Question you failed to ask.

Who am I fighting against? You can’t single to two bad because one says amba now. Fact

You can’t pick and choose who to kick against Fact

What we really need to understand.

Accepts even some of your so called warrior leaders are part of the system you are against. Fact

Wake up to accept our parents did not really plan for the outcomes of this mis-management tactic poor decision making and lack foresight of the future needs of the country Fact.


1 this is not a one man’s problem although every captain takes full responsibility hence even the formal regime dealing need to be re-examine. FACT

2 You are part of the problem hence you are part of the solution. Hence start with yourself to question your own decisions that brought you here.FACT

* student without employment ask yourself upon choosing my course did I look at my countries job market or I was chasing stars?
* teachers ask if how helpful is what I am teaching to my students hence the state?
* medical profs start asking if my practice and my code of conduct reflect the needs of my why I am called a doctor nurse of the 21 century
* engineers taking contracts start asking if this work can stand for 4 generations to recognise my talent in bricks
* lawyers ask yourselves if it is ok to judge an innocent man guilty because of his class, religion, color, gender, ethnicity or should I pass judgement according to the word of God or not.

* political start asking how will this serve my people and why was I elected? Am I making a fair judgement to the best of current evidence.
* the have nothing don’t forget you have a talent start looking into what you can do best.

* costumes start asking yourselves if kneeling the trader by squeezing all his money will do any greater good to the job market hence the economy.
* police remember for what reasons you are a police. Ask yourself if a taxi man has a family and children like you
* taxi man remember the law is there for a reason and you are solely responsible for the safe transport of the nation.

* the public ask yourselves if a state is a free entity. Pay your share of the contribution to the state as required.

3 avoid war, violence, bias propaganda etc at all cost but voice your problems as a universal not uniquely FACT

4 accept there is no overnight solution but a gradual process to change that lead to the current problem starting with the one you think is more important FACT

5 realise separation is not the only solution in a world pushing together. Fact.

6 ONE important educate of the needs and how best to achieve in the 21 century

7 NEVER again say AMEN without asking for facts, Evidence. You have a right as a human to say HANG on what can you deliver
How will you deliver
When can you deliver

I pas Claudius edge each and every Cameroonian to paste these on their notice board as a taste for yourself and myself.

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