The annual speech

The shortest speech

We have heard of our struggle, our history our father’s land, God will help us, amen etc.

I pas Claudius born in bamenda in Cameroon have this to sum up.

Firstly, if you are old enough or know any one in your village who is in his/her 90s go straight and ask or trace you great grand parents ethnicity and identity. Trace your parents ethnicity and identity. I believe some of the older generation’ s parents were born prior to the arrival of the English and the French and died after flushing them out. If any of you trace your genealogy to Cameroon then stand straight. If you trace your great grand parents to any other place than Cameroon come forward you are the special case.

Secondly, I asked last week ask if we could add another day to the ghost town and use it for self destination purpose but none adhere to. However, Biya has been to Rome to see the Pope. I believe is time for us to campaign for Sunday to be added to the ghost town calendar.

My history is your history, your history is our history our history is the history of our race our race is Cameroon until you authentic the contrary.

I am pas Claudius the limited edition anglophones Cameroonians. The quest for a better future continues.

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