The speech of all speeches. Authentication



The quest for better life is against a system not a person. People not a person are accountable.

We have heard of our struggle, our history our father’s land, God will help us, amen etc.
I pas Claudius born in Bamenda in Cameroon have this to sum up.

Firstly, if you are old enough or know anyone in your village who is in his/her 90s go straight and ask or trace you great grandparent’s ethnicity and identity. Trace your parent’s ethnicity and identity. I believe some of the older generation’s parents were born prior to the arrival of the English and the French and died after flushing them out. If any of you trace your genealogy to Cameroon, then stand straight. If you trace your great grandparents to any other place than Cameroon come forward you are the special case.

Secondly, I asked last week if we could add another day to the ghost town and use it for self-destination purpose but none adhere to. However, Biya has been to Rome to see the Pope. I believe is time for us to campaign for Sunday to be added to the ghost town calendar.

My history is your history, your history is our history our history is the history of our race our race is Cameroon until you authentic the contrary.

I am pas Claudius the limited-edition Anglophones Cameroonians. The quest for a better future continues and I edge all of us to return to the authentic self not virtual identity and ethnicity enforce through propaganda and naive philosophy of history so that we can all stand as one and change the system that has brought nothing but misery to all.

Thanks, and may God bless us freedom and better life seekers.

NOW THAT THERE IS NO SPECIAL CASE WE are Cameroonians let us MOVE ON the problem

The problem centred speech. On the map for those who can analysis the nature of the complex problem on the table.

The 21 Century Cameroon the way forward, I have followed CPDM from 1985 to present day and all I get is I will we will. Nothing delivered after I will we will every year. Propaganda and selective ideology preach daily. Out dated
I followed SDF to present day and all I hear is power to the people. Yes, but will power provide food and shelter to ordinary people. Old school
I started following SCNC in the 90s and everything I have learned is, when we, when we. I have never heard we can do this for you. I see it smart men in line with Hitler’s quest for a pure race in the midst of ordinary sinner’s criminal, ordinary people, fast men etc. Dangerous for the future
The people did not revolt in support of SCNC or SDF or CPDM agenda.
Here comes the revolt of the Anglophone and the birth of the consortium etc. All I hear is southern Cameroon our history our father’s land, Ambazonia. Following their progress, only Pluto can describe what they really symbolise and I guess he will only compare the smart men of the consortium to the opposite of the Atlantis. Dangerous for the future
Having followed all this propaganda, I can sum the way forward.
Independence Southern Cameroon currently preaches a propaganda version of SCNC. Smart men decision to re-launch Mussolini’s rise to power using Hitler’s propaganda of pure race pure history.
That will not resolve even A of why the people revolt. More misery more autocracy to come. Dangerous
To be a leader of the people you must be able to spell how you will address their needs provide warmth food and shelter and an atmosphere for the people to flourish. All these smart men of yesterday and today have FAILED so far.
Two state federations is in the same time line. Safe a few in the name of democracy and it will satisfy a few but deliver zero for the mass. Not addressing the people’s problem. Smart men of the consortium preaching selective western style democracy. Virtual world politics
Ten state federalism will appease many but I must be blunt it will not address the needs of the revolt or address the farmer, the disable and single parent.
Ten state federalism is the likely solution but I tell you trust me few of you really understand what and the nature of the complex problem in front of us. War will put us back a century.
I have three options
Build more prisons
Secondly destroy all in the system. Sound good but not acceptable in today’s world
Thirdly offer immunity to all in return for the tokens or use option one.
You chose.


The Poem of intend

Vatican in Rome, Rome in Italy.

Cameroon system of governance is like Vatican in Rome, Rome in Italy. An country like an island with treasures. The one fully sighted King with the aid of his inner circle, has so far failed in over 4 decades to create and atmosphere for his blind children to flourish. The sighted king with his partially sighted external cycle & co ROME have joined hands to mislead his blind children while looting the treasure of his land. 2016 was a gift of all gifts, partial sight to a few and the birth of their surprise and the growth of confusion and questioning only to be stamped on as dogs. Oh Rome, what have you aided Vatican to do to the land the confuse people cry! but the Vatican sighted return with a football game of throne. We are here the people are shouting and day by day they are regaining their sight still short of intellect but together we will throw Siberian winter on the land and it will kick start the brains of the people and their intellect will start working.

Oh King of Vatican you are counting your last days due to age but God bless Rome the young Rome aiding the Vatican king and his inner circle soon your days will be as long as a week, your months as long as a year on the eve of mother nature taking control of the aging king of Vatican.

Oh Samuel Doe where are you to brief Rome and Vatican and the King of the hell awaiting them. OH mount Cameroon ready to spit your hot red magma. Do not spare any of the thousand living in looted luxury when millions are dying in poverty.

Oh boarders of the land close and mark each an every one from Rome and Vatican & co. Mark their passports so we can spot them even in any hole smaller for Saddam to hide.

Repent before your people and return the treasures of the land and clean yourselves from feet to hairs.

Pas Claudius the Great
Give me a spade and I will create an atmosphere for all to Flourish. Men and Women are among you who have all repented and washed themselves so bring them to the front of the line so they can open their ex kingdom for us to destroy

Solution 1

Solution one above all solution Biya and his inner circle should step aside and and nomination crush asap. Let the people decide the way forward through democratic principles.

We need the biggest prison in Bafia not kondengui



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