The new chapter of the speech of all speeches

Chapter one bottom page read and share until we all understand the complex chain

The quest for better life is against a system not a person. People not a person is accountable.

We have heard of our struggle, our history our father’s land, God will help us, amen etc.

I pas Claudius born in Bamenda made in Cameroon 1960s have this to sum up.

Firstly, if you are old enough or know anyone in your village who is in his/her 90s go straight and ask or trace you great grandparent’s ethnicity and identity. Trace your parent’s ethnicity and identity. I believe some of the older generation’ s parents were born prior to the arrival of the English and the French and died after flushing them out. If any of you traces your genealogy to Cameroon, then stand straight. If you trace your great grandparents to any other place than Cameroon come forward you are the special case.

Secondly, I asked last week ask if we could add another day to the ghost town and use it for self-destination purpose but none adhere to. Independence stands for showing the example. Start building your own towns.
However, Biya has been to Rome to see the Pope. I believe is time for us to campaign for Sunday to be added to the ghost town calendar.

My history is your history, your history is our history our history is the history of our race our race is Cameroon until you authentic the contrary.

I am pas Claudius the limited-edition Anglophones Cameroonians. The quest for a better future continues and I edge all of us to return to the authentic self not virtual identity and ethnicity enforce through propaganda and naive philosophy of history so that we can all stand as one and change the system that has brought nothing but misery to all.

Thanks, and may God bless us freedom and better life seekers.


The 21 Century Cameroon the way forward, I have followed CPDM from 1985 to present day and all I get is I will we will.

Nothing delivered after I will we will every year. Propaganda and selective ideology preach daily. Out dated
I followed SDF to present day and all I hear is power to the people. Yes, but will power provide food and shelter to ordinary people. Old school

I started following SCNC in the 90s and everything I have learned is, when we, when we. I have never heard we can do this for you. I see scnc smart men in line with Hitler’s quest for a pure race in the midst of ordinary sinner’s criminal, ordinary people, fast men etc. Dangerous for the future
The people did not revolt in support of SCNC nor SDF nor CPDM agenda but better life
Here comes the revolt of the Anglophone and the birth of the consortium etc. All I hear is southern Cameroon our history our father’s land, Ambazonia. Following their progress, only Pluto can describe what they really symbolise and I guess he will only compare the smart men of the consortium to the opposite of the Atlantis. Dangerous for the future
Having followed all this propaganda, I can sum the way forward.

Independence Southern Cameroon currently preach a propaganda version of SCNC. Smart men decision to relaunch Mussolini’s rise to power using Hitler’s propaganda of pure race pure history.
That will not resolve even A of why the people revolt. More misery more autocracy to come. Dangerous
To be a leader of the people you must be able to spell how you will address their needs provide warmth food and shelter and an atmosphere for the people to flourish. All these smart men of yesterday and today have FAILED so far.
Two state federation is in the same time line. Safe a few in the name of democracy and it will satisfy a few but deliver zero for the mass. Not addressing the people’s problem. Smart men of the consortium preaching selective western style democracy. Virtual world politics
Ten state federalism will appease many but I must be blunt it will not address the needs of the revolt or address the farmer, the disable and single parent.
Ten state federalism is the likely solution but I tell you trust me few of you really understand what and the nature of the complex problem in front of us. War will put us back a century.
I have three option
Build more prisons
Secondly destroy all in the system. sound good but not acceptable in today’s world
Thirdly offer immunity to all in return for the tokens or use option one.
You chose.

Chapter 1

I must admit I have never worked in this crock system but from my vision I will explain how the system affects all.
Look at the map of how our institutions are run. In every country, we need the private and public sector to be employing. The more private individuals create businesses and grow they need of more people to work in those business hence the better the job market for the people and the state.
The private sector should be the top employer of every nation but in Italy, the Vatican king through the nomination process and degree has infiltrated every department. We should also take our own responsibilities in decision making for example you cannot simple chose a course to study without looking at the job market although it is dead in Italy. However, let us focus at local level to explore how this system is affecting you.

Ordinary citizens of Vatican (Wirba & co) work alongside others with ties to the king’s inner cycle and have little to say on the transaction of the state. However, the ordinary citizen of Rome has his/her co at the lower ranking levels. Embezzlements works through directors to ministers who authenticate to Biya and his inner circle. Tell me how a father who is in the Vatican will arrest his son who is part of the trade in Rome where the cash was issued under his instructions that are fake? Will you arrest or audit your own son or girlfriend and condemn when you know it is an inside affair?
That is why we hear figures of embezzlement but none arrested and no millions ever return to the state.
Focus on trade and the creation of jobs that all states needs to prosper. Those ordinary Romans with no ties to the cash flow line can’t have or built a storey building on their wage but their colleagues are owners of three four, five. What happened some turn to similar style of looting or embezzlement in the lower rank. I loot the state because I have more powers and ties to Vatican but you manipulate from the citizens because you have powers but not part of the inner circle.
Costume directors have millions in bank accounts in Europe. Their colleagues anger they turn to the state to force decision that will favour their pockets. The lowest costume steals from the ordinary Cameroonian struggling to bring in goods through imposing taxes that never add up. If the tax for a 40ft container is 4million you will end up paying 7million while the son of the elite pays 2millions. The sale price of the same commodity now favours just one person. The family of Rome & co. You are force to sale at the lost hence bankrupt.
The more costume duty you pay the less chances you will make a profit hence closes any gaps of employment. When you open the store, tax collectors are no longer doing their jobs but looking at how to steal from you. This create a negative impulse that people turn to open small stores than super markets. The smaller the store the less the tax the less the opportunity to employ.
Is a system that the King has foster to ensure you can never be richer from any source hence can’t put up any resistance against his rule. I the King have powers to loot resources and you my co have the chance to steal from your own directions hence we are together in a sect.

This system has crumble the private sector. Any local office have their chief of staff nominated by his godfather in Rome through which laws are influence to reflect their needs. This together with embezzlement means funds are constantly moving out of the country to foreign banks and public intuition and private intuitions start falling behind with repairs one by one and now we can see the after effects in hospitals, schools, roads etc. This is a process that has taken place for over 3 decades. Today you see a general and his son is a colonel his grandchild captain. His girls friend governor, the girl friend son principal of a government school. My father is a minister, I am a director in the same sector my wife is my secretary as so on. How will an out slider be employed when the chain of command is a family affair?

Family first to villages to surrounding villagers until you reach the last the anglofools & co.

Complex chain. Any ordinary Roman who does not conform is put to rest. Those for challenge the King face jail for embezzlement. They can’t be clean except speak the truth and be seen as an outcast. Those who speak out are silent overnight.
The only sector employing today is the military, teachers and nurses or doctors why?
The military need to protect the king, teachers need to teach the selective blindfolding education and nurses and doctors are needed whether you like it or not.

I am not perfect but trying to explain it in a manner everyone can make sense of the complex nature of the problem. The worse of all is that all this people in Rome and Vatican have ring fence themselves and their families in Europe out of the effect of the problem. I am an Anglophone start with ordinary Romans like our Ni John where are his children? Look at how he has tared the road from the main road to his palace alone. That is the person we once look to as a future president. Just his actions on that road tell us what mind set and brain he has about leadership.

The time has come and not one but the people have stood up against Rome

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