Words of wisdom

Word of wisdom to the wise

We can create conformist and stereotypical ideology in order to gain momentum.

We can fight for our destiny even if it takes a century but if we can not fight to control the forces that created the problems what are we doing?

Human conditioning can only be address when the knife is hot. Human being problems can only be truly address when the knife is hot

There is no country without a cover up.
There is no country without divide and rule

This is not an election campaign for propaganda but a crisis revolt that needs a real ideas real solutions to a better presume foundation at the time and era. No ideology last for ever better or worser and none is above all.

I am not Ernesto, Castro, Mandela, Jesus but what can we learn from these people?

The people’s needs are above all needs. Therefore, diplomacy is and will always be the best weapon. get to serious business. The world is uniting not separating.

HOW can we truly address this problem for the best of all?

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