Word of thought on the bilingualism commission

Word of thought on bilingualism commission

We should not condemn but voice our dare needs that have been impended by the poor interpretation of bilingualism for over 5 decades.

To the best of my understanding;

To achieve bilingualism as it is being established, the state must erect a separate Cameroon instituting base in the English speaking section to over sea the application of bilingualism to reflect the needs of 21 Century Cameroon. The same for the French section. So that both side can ensure what is going on one side of the country is clear to the other side.

Above all it must ensure bilingual state is reflected on coins.

We should clearly understand this only addresses the constitutional side not economic.

Without such deep changes I veto the bilingual commission

if the government is really serious then they need not to set just an inquiry but an inquiry to oversea why people have lost lives and imprison fighting to fix the country ASAP and show plans to address the whole system to reflect current needs. Without that I veto and edge all to stand up against.

Help if you can we are learning.

21 Century Cameroon



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