The future direction of Cameroon governance

The future system of governance in Cameroon. To the French speakers of Cameroon may we take this opportunity to address you and we believe must of you will agree with us. Pulse think. The current system of governance base on the French system is not working and will never work. It is not even working… Continue reading The future direction of Cameroon governance

Trump people in Obama uniform

Trump people in Obama uniform. You are making my heart to drop down daily with funny big grammar. Songs and poems to encourage and gain momentum. I don’t need to gain momentum for I believe mankind is greedy by nature. Us in Cameroon 33 export is our discussion Listen and if you want take this… Continue reading Trump people in Obama uniform

Mr Ayah & co VS Cameroon

Mr Ayah & co VS Cameroon.   Mr Ayah & co and all those arrested fighting for a better country. You are fighting for the country is in ruin. To fight on those lines symbolise love for your country. If you truly love your country and hate seeing it on a down ward spiral then… Continue reading Mr Ayah & co VS Cameroon

Cameroon solution part one ( teacher/lawyer)

My brothers and sisters we the 21 Century Cameroon branch believe political problems are not easy to address as must of us have been made to believe. The last 7 months have proven beyond any doubt. The lawyers and teachers took to the street to address above all the; common law problem, speakers of French… Continue reading Cameroon solution part one ( teacher/lawyer)

What change are southern Cameroonians fighting for?

My brothers and sisters Can we start talking reality? I believe by now must of us have realise all this information, digging of achieves, blaming, pointing fingers is of no use. once again I called on all of us and remind us that we are Cameroonian. Not southern Cameroon Not English not ambazonians not from mars… Continue reading What change are southern Cameroonians fighting for?

Freedom fighting or independence fighting

What do you mean by the term freedom fighter? This android nation is killing talent and destroying reality. I edge every one calling himself/herself freedom fighter to address one important factor; what would you called great Cameroonians who fought for freedom, discrimination, equality, etc and paid the ultimate price when they could have hidden behind… Continue reading Freedom fighting or independence fighting

Ambazonia 20th May message

We the 21 Century branch of the struggle for better life for Cameroonians called on the amba branch to respect personal views, opinion and personal stands. This is a foundation for free speech destruction hence autocratic rule. It is heart breaking seeing educated people believe in what is on the table and publishing material fuelling… Continue reading Ambazonia 20th May message

Facts vs the people.

  Where are the masters and the elites of the struggle? We have put some demand to raise a case for independence including and through those Fact momentum has been raise. At the same time we argue for fighting for our history and heritage : From y we took to the street to where we… Continue reading Facts vs the people.

20 May message

I have listen, I have received hundreds of questions but I have to address as liberal as I can for the benefit of all. I edge everyone to ask themselves why he or she is invlove in the struggle. I see a pattern emerging harsh to say but very important for me to voice it… Continue reading 20 May message