What change are southern Cameroonians fighting for?

My brothers and sisters Can we start talking reality? I believe by now must of us have realise all this information, digging of achieves, blaming, pointing fingers is of no use.

once again I called on all of us and remind us that we are Cameroonian. Not southern Cameroon Not English not ambazonians not from mars from Cameroon. We can’t keep preaching proganda, it has no place when people are starving to death. It is a duty of the state to ensure it addresses poverty.

your own history can’t start from the 60s, how old are your parents? You can’t be preaching proganda history of 6 decades when you are in your 70s

Go as far back as the German era you were Cameroon. France and England did not colonise us. There was no treaty sign when the English took over to separate from Cameroon. The only time there was such an incidence was when they were living and we had the choice.

Join Nigerian or remain as our true self. Cameroonians. One part decided to join Nigeria and we decided to remain Cameroon hence treaty sign. What history are you talking of now.

i for the first question y the foreigners separated us. That was the only mistake.

However, are you after a better life or a change of Name?

We can’t keep Refusing our identity as Cameroonians but trading with CFA and using Cameroon ID and passport. You have said Mr Biya’s has been in power for to long but y exclude Mr Achu and chief Moketee is this what you mean by a change? You can’t keep questioning Mr Biya as head of CPDM for 3 decades but excluding MrNi john is this the way forward you are fighting for?

You can’t keep referring to your own brothers as LRP Y did you not question late FS Laurence when he was nominated speaker of house of assemble? Did you not know the effect on the direction on state governance? When we want to address a problem for the greater good we do it the mankind way. Give Mr president a sense of belonging and appreciation and your own brothers francaphones so together the regime can listen understand and create the path way for change. Intimidation or force tactics will never work and no body really understand the meaning of bullets.

21 Century Cameroon does not question but acknowledges it is there and Cameroon is inside. It is history. What do we do?

According to history any person will justify their actions as the best of their knowledge at the time of action. Politics. What is best, what is knowledge? What moral judgement.

21 Century Cameroon will still be political you must justify your actions morally and politically. The past has all been about politics. That is why the people took to the street. That is y lawyers and teachers took to the street.

Indepedence or federalism is not a synonym of positive. Human being, Cameroonians are the positive change.

I do not need to say much but I edge every Cameroonian to look behind next doors house. Graves of youths dying in mass. Take a ride down town and see for your self all round Cameroon infrastructure in ruin. Question your parents to get a sense of the decade of their mind set. Speak to your parents to understand how harsh the financial state is. Go to the sea port, airport and main market and see for yourself.

truely we have a massive problem in our hands.

Fear no one except ourselves. Human created the mess and it will take human being to address. Stop insulting intimidating but listen to each other so we can come to common grounds hence address this problem. Is not about what you think, want, expect but what is physically achieveble and what can be delivered at our level.

Good blessed us Good blessed Cameroon.

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