The future direction of Cameroon governance

The future system of governance in Cameroon.

To the French speakers of Cameroon may we take this opportunity to address you and we believe must of you will agree with us.

Pulse think. The current system of governance base on the French system is not working and will never work. It is not even working for the French what of us 300yrs behind?

For the English speakers and especially independent advocates. The 1950s English system you are thinking of will not be sustainable in Cameroon. In England the system is out of date because it did not work for them as time changes.

The Cameroon society is also a dynamic society. We are not Europeans nor do we have similar norms. We are Africans 300yrs behind.

This is the key to our problems dwelling on IT WAS.
It will be the key to our growth and prosperity.

We need a combination of both systems to come up with what will be uniquely Cameroon system. We need to choose what can work in our society and adapt it to work for Cameroon not for the elephant, Vatican and Rome. We need the elephant and the elephant needs us but in Europe, European come first hence in Cameroon, Cameroonians first.

Only when we realise this can we start talking of power to the people as SDF. Accountabilities responsibilities to the people the failures of CPDM.

We need power to the people the SDF slogan the the consortium have exploited. Is good but since November whose breakfast has been power? We must resist Mr Wirba said and SCACUF has exploited very well. Truly we must resist but no body ask resist from who? The system, the regime or resist our selves?

Some have use resist to mean a called for independence true and good but nobody ask if it implies every problem is and will be address through fragmentation of the nation?

Are we truly human? Then we should pulse for a minute and think deeply meditate wholly as a nation in crisis for the regime to understand the people’s cry and God to give us a
leader who above all will address our needs to his/her best and lead us forward

Long live Cameroon and may God blessed us.

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