Right is accepting

Right is accepting. Why are we going round the circle pointing finger looking for scapegoat etc. I tell you We are our problem believe me or not. The white man is cunning but has little to do with our problems. We had independence which means we are on our own fit. How did the white… Continue reading Right is accepting

Wrong is wrong

I pas Claudius of the 21 century Cameroon repeat my appeal just as I did in November and was called a black leg. we have a chance to correct our own mistakes. I tell you some thing I told the consortium in November when they ask my opinion on the best way forward. Use the… Continue reading Wrong is wrong

Pragmatic solution are above all

Pragmatic solution are above all. We call on all Cameroonians in the UK, USA and worldwide to come to terms and bear with us that no society can flourish by division. No society can change by denouncing yourself the reality and the pathway to true and peaceful change. No society can change overnight. Our society… Continue reading Pragmatic solution are above all

Too wise the anglophones

Why do English speakers of Cameroon have answers to all political problem in the world? Every body is wrong except us. Nobody can compare us to any other similar problems around the world. Hong Kong can not be compare but a share similar story to us. South Sudan, Eritrea, Gambia etc can’t be compared. What… Continue reading Too wise the anglophones

Wirba’s return & meaning

French and English   Pragmatism has and will never be a crime. say what you see and can justify .Just as I have tried to help but seen as a traitor, your master has proven to all the he is after all a Cameroonian. Who will see me as a traitor again? political matters are… Continue reading Wirba’s return & meaning

Reality in pragmatic view

French & English our brother must see truth b4 they can really accept. Let me speak to those who have the intellect. Roger Miller played the 1990 World Cup scored Wonderfull goals. The whole world new him and Cameroon. Germany won the World Cup. It was a battle. You can today see Germany’s success in… Continue reading Reality in pragmatic view

Le futur système de gouvernance au Cameroun.

Pour les francophones du Cameroun, nous pouvons saisir cette occasion pour vous adresser et nous pensons que vous serez d’accord avec nous. Pouls. Le système actuel de base de gouvernance sur le système français ne fonctionne pas et ne fonctionnera jamais. Il ne travaille même pas pour les français qu’est-ce que nous 300yrs derrière? Pour… Continue reading Le futur système de gouvernance au Cameroun.

Trop sage les anglophones Dieu va Beurrer votre pain

Pourquoi les anglophones du Cameroun ont-ils des réponses à tous les problèmes politiques dans le monde? Tout le corps a tort, sauf nous. Personne ne peut nous comparer à d’autres problèmes similaires dans le monde. Hong Kong ne peut pas être comparer, mais une histoire semblable à nous. Le Sud-Soudan, l’Érythrée, la Gambie, etc ne… Continue reading Trop sage les anglophones Dieu va Beurrer votre pain