Too wise the anglophones

Why do English speakers of Cameroon have answers to all political problem in the world? Every body is wrong except us. Nobody can compare us to any other similar problems around the world. Hong Kong can not be compare but a share similar story to us. South Sudan, Eritrea, Gambia etc can’t be compared.

What the hell is going on. Why are we mixing reality with our personal ambitions?

There are two problems in Cameroon mixe up. Economic and Constitutional. If you called it as just an anglophone problem then put it along the line of your terminology; marginalisation etc we are as It is a Cameroonian problem. On those line we see a clear solution. The only problem affecting Anglophones clearly is the coin.

If you ask 10 Anglophones and 10 francaphone the meaning of bilingual only then will it evoke knowledge in us.

God blessed us.


via Anglo Cameroonian too wise — 21 century cameroon

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