Wrong is wrong

I pas Claudius of the 21 century Cameroon repeat my appeal just as I did in November and was called a black leg.

we have a chance to correct our own mistakes. I tell you some thing I told the consortium in November when they ask my opinion on the best way forward. Use the opportunity that has been created by the people to form a party for the people to rival all parties in Cameroon.

The common challenge facing all Cameroonians is nothing but the economic. Use that to pull support and gain grounds. That will bring Cameroon politics upside down.

I still stand by those word. Any wise person who really understands how the world operate will start believing me soon.

Our problems are rooted in our colonial past and every country like Ghana, Kenya etc had seen experience and cross this bridge. War has no place in the modern era. Division is a catalyst for problems. Unity acceptance of our faults and mistake intentionally or unintentionally is a way forward.

English speaking Cameroon feelings of second class citizens can be trace on the table at Versailles. Our economic problems can by trace back to the last government not this government.

Stereotypical views are a matter of education but that is not only rooted in why we are human but has no place in the modern era. Anglo fool etc are use by all Cameroonians against all Cameroonians. From stereotypical thinking to conformity to discriminatory principles are the outcomes of poor education infiltrated by a colonial ideology of the feeling of being French and superior but never actually accepted as French.

Anglophones on the other hand hold dearly what they perceive as Englishness but will never be English. Any history distorted is not in the name of any one but Cameroon. Anglophones had no treaty to separate them from kamerun but having had a caretaker government had a chance to move on or stay home and we decided never to join a foreign land. Independence was never an option but independence itself is a journey a state of being independent. However, we all depend on each other for our very own survival. So what is independent? Taking and giving to the elephant or selling yourselves again to the very people we fought bloodily against their barbaric treatment to be call monkeys again. I say no. I am black I would like an ideal world but the elephant preach ideal but pushing me daily to accept not by choice I am African. I am not called in Europe Cameroonian but African. I need them and they need me but truly I accept their ideal preaching as whitewash.

From now 50/50 is the trade.

Poor governance, discrimination, embezzlement etc is a result of the very colonial era and the natural greediness we are all born with. This must be brought under control to put a pathway equal in theory and in practice for Cameroon and Cameroonians to flourish.

Foreigners are warmly welcome in Cameroon more than Cameroonians because of not only our kindness but our readiness to explore our greed.

No body is to be blame but us. There is nothing as LRP for it refers to you and me. We were Cameroonians and the best way forward is to standup to our own mess. Any body who thinks the contrary should pull his genealogy out let us examine his family birth certificate or Visit our post on who are we and the special case.

The land has no guilt we the inhabitants are mad. We need to see a physiatrist to examine us.

The mouth that eat does not talk was our forefathers excuses to their good ability in destroying the very foundation they built opening channels to the elephant to better themselves at our expense.

Biya is the current generation excuse to laziness. scapegoating 24/7. When will you learn to be responsible and accountable for yourself before teaching your neighbour about responsibilities and accountabilities. Biya is the synonym for Bride by almost all Cameroonians but none can provide any code of conduct authenticate by Biya for such abuses to take place

Cameroon has all types of laws some as good as creating a well fair state while some dehumanise you. Why talk of only the bad ones?

I tell you the missing block that you can’t do without even if you instate federalism; a mechanism in place to ensure those laws are implemented and adhere to full stop. Nothing will work in a century without that block. There are laws against discrimination yet you discriminate, laws against bribery and embezzlement and corruption yet we are champions of it, laws against protesting yet we have become master of it. We are better than this my brothers. Take my words wholly, ask yourself why are you behaving as if you are a foreigner in your house?

blame and poor decision making is the scapegoat for youths for our mistakes.

Above all the current government has work. They need to shake up all their activities or give way to young ready talented youths willing to do what the 21st Century Cameroon needs in order to flourish.

The government claims there is no money but a simple police officer rides a landcruiser worth 60millions. 21st Century Cameroon says buy it if you can afford. If you can afford there is money. Hence, why are people dying daily in masses? Why are Cameroonians flocking airports? Cameroonians claiming political asylum in the name of God knows? We are better than this. We have it, we should manage effectively for our own benefits.

I appeal on all Cameroonians to join me on that pathway. I am not the hero but Cameroonians of today are the Heroes of change.

Together we can make it. Fear nobody but ourselves.

God blessed us
God blessed Cameroon

21st Century Cameroon

21st Century CameroonIMG_1301

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