Anglophones evoke reality and confusion in Cameroon

Anglophones evoke Cameroon reality and confusion

Anglophone Cameroonians and the whole Cameroon are united in a vision of a better life but divided in strategy. We will never be enemies of progress.

We should be pragmatic in our quest for a better solution: since November the anglophones have had three options on the table fighting against each other.




This has sidelined reality and progress by excluding Cameroon itself. Very dangerous preposition.

Independence has so far followed two pathways;

called to arms;

despite the millions raised every one is slowly coming to terms with the pragmatic facts. We are not blood tasty nor do we have the economic and man power to wage a war against an experience Chadian army of your own children. What is still to be address is the whereabout of the millions raised. Can Egypt help you?

The second approach is the SCACUF strategy through lawyers expected to be fruitful on the 1st oct 2017.

to the best of my novice knowledge, to achieve such a massive undertaking we need a transition government to handle crucial matters that affects every one in Cameroon at the current moment; resettlement plan, the millions of anglophones currently working and settle in the French areas, economic relations and bilateral agreements, the path way to the future state sustainability. To that we only have nursery school data available to address and untangle the 6decades of our presumed self and our true selves. Has Mubarak given some common sense to you?

we therefore really wonder if this independence is a dependent or independence or delusion vision planted to sale the ordinary man more to the elephant in the name of helping

Is this a route to dragging us back to 1960s in the name of superman?

SCACUF might have it own path way but whatever you might be dreaming of, the 21st Century believes independence if seen as a success should demonstrate how it addresses the very birth of the crisis. To date SCACUF has no clue HOW but simply playing cat and mouse and master of scapegoat in their own personal failure are on the band wagon following.

Is up to you to see and decide not us but to us is a big delusion time 419 by people who sacrifice nothing except geared their beliefs delusion gold mines adventure in shattered to a belief of self gold mines home coming adventure. We say sorry if money/life in the first world countries is harder than you were expecting then you will double your work load home to build it better.

Let us the 21st Century Cameroon evoke common sense in us. The truth is we have problems who is the course? What is the solution?

In the anglophone dictionary LRP and Biya

To Cameroon, France, Biya and government

To us the simplest answer is all the Above plus nature. US.

How does France alone?

The government is central figure in this problem but remember part of this problem is older than the government. Who is the government? Us. Let us look at a good example:

South Africa.

Prior to Mandela their excuses were apartheid treating them as second class citizen.

Today 17yrs of Black man’s rule. Where is South Africa? Beggars in Europe. What is the excuse?
We’re the whites ruling with magic?

Only now has Europe realise the consequences of stopping the slave trade and quantitative easing is the only solution to sustainability. This tells any everyone we must be day dreaming to think we can kill the elephant. If you are just waking up say Mubarak and Egypt five times then you will laugh as SCACUF dreaming of taking Biya to court. Are we insane.

They want us in this position dearly.
They are the dark forces preying on out stupidity and greed and we are dancing in their hands now. Play the game the Mandela way but what have we learned in 17yrs to add to it for pragmatic success?

See for yourself SCACUF is going round inviting them into our life again in the name of independence. You can’t invite a man looking for cheap labour to help blindfold you. What will happen at the end? You have sold your country to him. If you are unaware ordinary Americans are in depths and unable to buy medical care. Ordinary British are unable to buy homes for themselves. Is not only here sir is worldwide but our problem is different.

This tells us especially independent advocates that I won’t be your sacrifice. Sacrifice yourselves if you are sleep walking that Independence will address our problems. South Sudan Eritrea Gambia etc are examples. Egypt is the best lesson for blood suckers.

I call on you to stop all these excuses immediately.

the federalism people.Wirba your hero has shown the path way to success by telling you to resist by heading to their temple and undergoing his normal routine as he was doing prior to the struggle. In so doing he has proven beyond any doubt, you should be ready to dialogue and let the country move forward but challenge yourselves.

The 21st Century the only pathway to a true and better society sound off and odd but remember, history tells us all great leaders are divisive leaders from roots. Mandela etc

Systems are not pc codes and the land Cameroon has no problem but the people need to enter a mora-political, social and economic correction centre. Federalism on the whole land is the only way forward but success of the nation depends on you and me addressing ourselves. Without that, Gambia or Yemen await us because of delusion. If not take our advice only hard labour the Chinese way can bring modern live in us.

Do the sums your self.

God blessed us. God blessed Cameroon.IMG_1301

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