When will Cameroonians stand on their

When will we learn to stand on our own feet?

After 6 decades- centuries we Africans are still unable to handle our problems. You are the reason European will alway look at ancient Egypt and say no. Black man did not have the common technical know how to build it. Can’t you see.

See what we are doing so called educated anglophones, educated Cameroonians educated Africans Running back to the white man to address pragmatic problems. Then we are unhappy when treated as animals by the whites! Go to the English consulate, French, American, German, Chinese, Russian, etc embassy in Yaoundé and see how they treat us. Sub human. Ask yourselves and brother in Europe how Indians, Philippines etc behave and are treated in Europe? Go to your own consulate see how you welcome them and treat yourselves?
Common sense no bi book.

Ask yourselves which European country has ever called Africans on the table to address their problems. We even want them to interpret if the anglophones had independence. The biggest shame on our education. When will we stand on our own feet? Are our elite really elites enough to write to the UN?

I pas Claudius small bamenda Gary boy man in Cameroon called it Rubbish. You are treated how you present yourself on the world stage. Do I need to go round begging people who already see me as a stupid man?

Stand up Cameroonians challenge ourselves. A Cameroon problem warrant Cameroon attention. If you are unable to stand drop out. The regime cannot destroy itself.

Together we will bring fourth the changes necessary to make Cameroon better.

21st Century Cameroon.IMG_2302.JPG

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