Ambazonia code substituted. The only Independence Formula For Ambazonia

Substituting failing codes with advance codes. (Operation Ambazonia Wholly)

One can’t argue facts. Cameroonians are fed up as a result different ideologies are coming up daily. The anglophone zone kick start the revolution but

The majority of English speakers have turn to independence as an option.

Weapon of choice children education.

One year on no success hence the code is not robust enough.

Anglophones from all corners of the world want Ambazonia as a new home and are desperate to achieve it but are they doing enough?

Ambazonia are you really serious? Here is my view. Substitute failing codes.

Option 1

All anglophones in Cameroon should come out and Send a statement of intent to the government by collaterally stopping all works until independence is granted.

Give it a month if the state does not respond,

Option 2

This takes us to September hence no works no education for anglophones all over the country for another two weeks. If that fails,

Option 3

Those abroad should activate operation Ambazonia wholly and fully. Camping in front of embassies has so far failed and seen as a nuisance hence send a signal to the world you mean business this time. Send a signal to The UN and all world bodies.

We are Ambazonians not Cameroonians restore or grant us independence so that we can have a home to go to.

Stop work immediately and withdraw your children from school and return all foreign passports including Cameroon passports to the various authorities. Suspend all new birth as there is no future for them.

Only then can any one rate your struggle above all struggles around the world and act as an emergency.
That is a tip of the iceberg of what you are talking about.

When are we activating?

People have played this current game in countries all over the world and government have resisted for decades. Some have decided to become rebellious for decades to guérilla warfare to finally giving up rebellions and guérilla war to dialogue.

Operation Ambazonia wholly are you ready?

We are liberal not left or right wings supporters.

21st Century Cameroon.IMG_2582

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