The reason why school should resume

The liberals decision on school and education.

The liberals have had an in depth study at the use of children education as weapons and or any subsequent benefit for the children in the nearest future. We see no evidence to suggest that the current Ambazonia strategy can enhance or change any child’s educational pathways nor can such strategy justify the need to withhold children education.

We have decided overwhelmingly that children’s rights must be adhere to and their right to education and war neutrality respected. Hence called on all schools to resume accordingly.

On coming to such a contested decision we have looked across the globe and have been unable to find just one evidence to suggest such a move has ever been fruitful or provided any positive outcome on children education.

On the ground it is pragmatically clear only children with no external support or the very poor in our society are caught up in this strategy. Hence further proof beyond any doubt this strategy is un fair to the very people who need help the more.

We understand this is not a decision most Amba supporters would welcome but we can only act on current evidence.

In the long term we fully believe from evidence we are under estimating the negative impact this can have on some children and their families including mental health. To some this will be the end of their education and we think this is not right for any family or any child’s welfare.

On thèse bases we called on both sides to respect this decision and act accordingly.

We are liberals fighting for the best for the same children and Cameroon.


21st Century Cameroon

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