Anglophones Cameroon crisis last lapse journey to chaos

Anglophones have become masters of their destiny. No body understand the problem in Cameroon today more than anglophones. No body is affected more than anglophones. No solution is better than the presumed anglophone solution.

To the anglophones, a nation just for English speakers in Cameroon is the ultimate solution to settle their problems. It is believed in Ambazonia there will be no embezzlement, no crime, no segregation, leaders will create well paid jobs for all and create the way for pure democracy. It will be the First Nation in Africa whereby power will be in the hands of the people. Leaders will provide all for the nation and have solutions to each and every one’s problems.

Police will not be brutal and all citizens hard working. The first homogeneous society in Africa only that south west and north west will never be the same people just like Yaoundé and bamenda. Only in the Ambazonia mentality santa and Bali will be the same people for the first time. I smile because I am a real pragmatic citizens not and illusion android citizen.

I am bamenda made in Cameroon. I have this question for mr sensism and leaders of the anglophone movement and elites. Where on earth do we sacrifice children for the seek of children? Where on earth has this form of democracy ever experienced?

Children as weapons of war is a dangerous preposition and it will take decades to re-address this anglophone born propaganda problem.

The ultimate question is who is leading and who is listening to this chaos?

As warned 6 months ago, the stage is set for real repercussions and even your leaders will run for their own life from the very  passengers. The time has come that peace has turn to insecurity and insecurity turning to confusion and confusion turning to extremist.

Sensism people preaching propaganda and promoting illusion to delude hungry people who lack simple common sense to sum up 1+1.

Vatican and the king need more than noice in their ears and it is high time you believe me Gary boy from Bamenda no PhD in pocket but wisdom, vision and common sense my only tool.

High time we educate all to be responsible and accountable for the nation. Let us pray for a real born leader. Charismatic with wisdom to lead Cameroon.

pa Claudius



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