Cameroon and it people fact sheet.

Truly the fever in Cameroon has hit boiling point. Anglophones are leading they way although confusion is the killer with bias propaganda a dangerous preposition.

What is central to this problem? Economy. Limited jobs that don’t match demand.

Reality. Discrimination exist every where in the world in the job market but because of scarcity anglophones think they can control it. Funny you can only manage it. Even in the mighty UK it even exist on paper printed in black and white. So what are we talking about?

In Rome there is truly an equation that does not add up. 1+1 always 3 to à French elite. What are they scared of?

However, how many Cameroonian can seek have work and work to their best ability? Fact 1 in 100. 99% are just looking for easy money.  Only in Ambazonia there is easy money. Even in Rome the minister comes to his office at mid day once in a month. The governor set an relax in his office while thousands of documents are awaiting signatures. Doctors sleeping at home at midnight while patients are awaiting their care. What a nation bent in the four corners.

I tell you the honest fact that will benefit all. Pragmatic education be it in Bali language or ewondo.

Stop to bias propaganda and address the reality. Those speaking I can we will are just living in Trum’s fantasy world that lead to Gambia and Eritrea. I veto it asap.

Address lazy mentality build a solid foundation . Scaremongers fear fear itself and yourselves

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