The siege of Cameroon anglophone zone or ghost town?


The siege of Cameroon anglophone zone or ghost town?

History teaches us that nations have besieged towns and other nations forcing them to Surrender not by choice.

History teaches us towns have attempted to besiege themselves to force nations to surrender and failed.

i pas Claudius bamenda Gary boy. Born in bamenda made in Cameroon can seat back and laugh after months of insult my


brothers want to write history in the name of ghost town.

Brothers we are playing into the hands of a burning furnace in the name of ghost town. The government has an upper arm here accept the fact. This tactics will work well with the government of Cameroon. Slowly you will see how ghost town will suck blood out of us instead. From 2days to 3days to Ambazonia wholly fully; whole month ghost town. Watch and see how you will soon besiege the land to surrender. History is on my side and pragmatic evidence on my hand that children as weapons of war and ghost town are just tactics to force you to surrender not the government.

History teaches us that such measures are often successful in the early stages for the claimants.

Pas claudius @ pragmaticism

on twitter@camunitedfront


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