Thursday daily politics before the greatest speech ever made in Cameroon ( walk down with me) 30/10/17 @ 12 midnight Cameroon time. Are we sane or insane?

We the Anglophones are missing the biggest point in this struggle. Presume we have independence, we have not address in details;

  • what was the driving force behind the movement?
  • Can we physically address and deliver those goals
  • what will happened if we fail to deliver

This is where I really believe Anglophones have lost sight of reality. Independence does not equal better life or life equal to the current status quo.

Once peace and co-existence is broken on the current assumptions, even Julius Ceaser’s powers will failed to safe you and your family

If it is worth pushing human endurance at the time of need through narrow pipelines in the name of better life. Move on. The only point I can make is, Mr Preacher of Amba hope you won’t be a liability tomorrow. should we declare any foreign nationality in our pockets before taking office?

walk down with me for a safe peaceful co-existence pathway for the best of all




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