Saturday daily politics before the greatest speech ever made in Cameroon ( walk down with me) 30/10/17 @ 12 midnight Cameroon time.


Ambazonia a magical mystical association of glory or chaos?


The Anglophones Cameroonians ensured Ahmadou Ahidjo era was eradicated off the surface of Cameroon. It was believe his era was very bad for the people. Their choice of leadership of Biya is proving worse hence the only option is to form a new nation.

No body will choose a bad option in place of a better alternative and I believe the very Anglophones did not believe this will be the out come of their choice today.

However, there are options you can see the outcome before it even come into place and this is when I called on all to be very pragmatic.

We are one day away from the presume new nation for English speaking Cameroonians and I want you to address one fundamental question;

what is the post independent plant to ensure the stability of the nation?

Is there any plan B?

He who has a brain should decide using their brain only.

Who is leading who to enthrone the leader?

I am responsible for myself and my family and accountable for our actions. who is responsible for your actions?

In my opinion independence is a plan cautious journey and this was the opportunity for anglophones to flex their muscles fully and unit the people towards a foundation that can support and sustain an independent nation not today.

We needs more than must understand to press and independent nation button. I am a self man self sufficient person but looking at the mass and the reality facing the world, this current mystical association is a magical association of chaos. This opinion has no bearing on any decision the people take. Biya’s consequences are felt by all and the consequences today won’t be different except an extremist form resentment from any central authority and internal boiling water.


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