Insane preachers of independence in Cameroon.

“If popularity is a measure of independence success what will be the measure for economic growth in Ambazonia”

Pas Claudius


people who bypas all laws even their own laws to scam themselves, use the money to preach, draft, authenticate and declare independence on Facebook to send innocent people into unnecessary deaths. why?52E728EE-6BC0-4955-82E9-D8FEE90F6291

Projected fear and ignorance has consumed the innocent to an extend they have been hypnosis to see everything as right and authentic truth. The very people claimed they have been planning this for 56yrs but none knows his history and the history is 56yrs. The elites have no plan B not forward black. No idea how to synthesis and execute important information that will even enhance them.

I Pas Claudius Bamenda boy made in Cameroon ask all those insulting me fighting for a better society to answer just one question,   What is your resettlement plan? What is the GDP for just sonara your main commodity that you can’t distinguish between a company and your resources? If you had independence in 1961 tell me what country you would have out grown and by what margin? We seem to forget some facts on the table. What foundation are you dwelling on to declare independence? What currency will you used? We are good at publishing unnecessary information to seek attention this is the time to publish your own documents to convince sceptics you were and in control of the situation?

No doubt Ambas can sleep on their dead warrant unaware. When will we learn from the insane eccentric preaching and declaration of independence on Facebook?


Advice we have just one or two problems above all that we can physically address and all the massive capital prints have nothing to with the problems but the tiny prints your are avoiding. 70% of what you our presume problems are beyond our remit. See Nigerian problems with the large cheap labour. 40% are in our household bricks. Why not start there if you are serious in your quest for a better life? Europeans are just players benefiting from our greed and stupidity wickedness woven with insane hatred.


preachers of insane doctrine stop ASAP


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