Never has Cameroonians the chance to voice their legitimate concerns

What ever you thing, what ever you want, what ever you preach, the power to fix our country for the first time or plunge our country, ourselves in darkness for at least a century is in our hands. Ambazonia take note of your pathway.

cameroonians have never experienced or exercise their frustration openly in the modern era nor has the government ever anticipated or hard the experience of handling mass unrest directed toward reality affecting even the rich in the society. Some have politicised the movement while others are pushing for practical changes. It is a the start of a revolution not the end and the more the people are confused the more the seek knowledge and understanding underground.

As confused as the angry citizen they are united on one front; economic stagnation The frustration and confusion of the government and the elite in their falling in dealing with the on foreseeable outcomes is even challenging. Even within the CPDM brand there are division silenced by fear of death and perchin. It won’t be long that the confused will join the long awaited bomb. The bomb for change.

One thing is clear almost the entire nation want a change but under this change,various groups of people have personal problems deem important to address. No two solutions will address three people but only two changes will address all Economic and the coin.

The main line of division is fear and protection of what can only be deem unprotectable but important for day to day survival while others are afraid of losing their loopholes that have enriched their private pockets for decades. Preaching does little but educating the mass is the best tool in times of needs.

No matter the difficult and confusing situation peaceful coexistence can’t be breached and a solution must be reach to address not just the Anglophones but Cameroon as a whole. Where ever you look, we will remain a multicultural society hence it won’t be Ambazonia where the set problems won’t exist but they pre date us and we must learned to understand this forces of evil and work with them to better address them. Denial is just planting more not destroying the old ones. Political or pragmatic will come but the people want one above all; pragmatic changes.

The people have regain their voice to lose it no more.

Government should make way for fresh talented task force as they problem are engulfing them instead of them engulfing the problems and soon they will be no way to run and no one to killed to stop What even the killer is fully aware of.

pas Claudius

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