The true Meaning of the real revolution born in bamenda


Fellow Cameroonians,today I give you the knowledge of truth spoken through the wise from the days of time. It is not my duty to tell you what to do but it is my duty to ensure I give you the best message that can help us achieve a better society and enjoy peaceful coexistence and harmony.

When fear and anxiety perpetuate the truth confusion and conformity will be born. This will give birth to the believe in miracles from God when God has already provided all the tools to mankind. See the results in
Gambia, Eritrea, South Sudan and major civilisation you can thinks of. That very truth was already Sexup in the English speaking Cameroonians and today we are slowly moving towards the same society like Gambia in the name of change. French speakers of Cameroon stood no chance as well but we all have the chance on the table today. Should we mess up again in the name of change?

I tell you No. fear no one except ourselves.
Cameroon is in a mess, we are in a mess but we must stop what ever we are doing now meditate and reflect on who we are and what do we really need. God our creator is there for mankind not only for ambazonia. You do not cross your fingers and pickup arms in the name of change before God. Jesus won without. Mandela did why not you? It is not buy reciting history or the bible that you will enter heaven but by doing the right thing and preaching the right ideology.

It is not about SDF or CPDM or he who speaks French or English but is about you, a true citizen of Cameroon and a champion of pragmatic change.

Together we can do it.

If you are fighting to address your personal misfortune, laziness etc then you are Day dreaming. Why are your so called leaders hiding the truth and telling you rubbish when the truth is even coded in history and the bible. He who seeks and work hard should be rewarded accordingly. No government will provide for you on a plate except you are unable through natural courses to achieve for yourself. The truth is not about revenge, is not about anger, bloodshed and segregation but about acceptance and believing in better alternatives.

This revolution is about revolutionising you and me, the government and those who govern, to create a harmonious society, break barriers and encourage people to live happily, peacefully, to create the atmosphere possible for those who seek to achieve and those who were or are born unable to or those who through the actions of the society are unable to fend for themselves to be better look after by the state through your hard working contributions.

I tell you the truth, we are moral social being with bigger brains to interpret knowledge them translate into actions. Preaching with no ability to translate into practical action is a dangerous preposition. Secondly, we are Africans living in an African tribal multicultural, multilingual society. We can only learned from the western world an better our society to suite us. Do not attempt to mislead yourselves that you can change your society to become a European society overnight without consequences and considering the difference on all dimensions.

In addition, we are born equal before the creator but we are not born on the same day or the same time or through the same opportunities, the societies or social class nor will we embark on the same pathways nor achieve on similar dimensions. However,
It is the duty of the state to ensure this does not Disadvantage or deprived citizens from achieving the same opportunities through out life.

It is not only my duty to be accountable towards my future or that of the nation or my family but it is our duty to be responsible for each other and be accountable for our deeds directly or indirect to ensure we provide a society fit for all today and tomorrow.

No government can or has ever achieved without the people and no laws can achieve the intended outcome without the people’s willingness to adhere to them and practice them accordingly.

Finally, It is my duty to ensure we stay on course to ensure we achieve what is practically feasible and can allow ordinary people like you and me to navigate their society without barriers and to ensure our economy grows and the nation as a whole with equal opportunities for all.
Walk down with me there is life far better les less dangerous and more cohesive on this dimension.

God blessed us.

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