Amba advocates is éducation a synonyme of common sense?

52E728EE-6BC0-4955-82E9-D8FEE90F6291How can the world listen to people who have solutions to every thing but have no clue to their history except it is written this and that? When we get to know our history… where will that come from at this age? If you want to talk history, authenticate it with a birth certificate from your genealogy. If you want to talk federalism or what so ever put some evidence on the table. I have said, stop using western political terminology to confuse an African society.

Some have turn to Englishness and their ability to speak good English. I would advice you to seek help from Buhari of Nigeria. Can English language address the problems in Cameroon or even in England?

This platform is about addressing what took la piro to his grave. Ndamba.
On one hand we all agree Cameroon is in a mess and all those governing are insane and must go. On the other hand we have insane people of ambazonia that need their antidote.

If you can’t address ndamba don’t talk trash. Ambazonia, i want you to explain why you have omitted marginalisation and self determination in your draft constitution? 947BB856-10B9-4FB8-A0BE-4529007599CE

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