Why Is Ambazonia Deluded and scapegoating Me.

I Am THe Real Anglophone.5323FE99-9361-45C1-B401-FDCB0F38C1E3

It is not because I hate independence or the views of the independence advocates. It is that i hate what is potentially lethal.

For those insulting, if I am wrong please I pas Claudius born in bamenda made in Cameroon not by choice and not by choice of turning against an opportunity to choose, but by reality is begging you now to address just one one of our terminology;
1. How will you address self determination of any one group if evoke post independence?

If you can address it in the same dimensions you are demanding now and endorse it in the constitution and in law then we are find.

If not, before you insult and use terminology as LRP agent. That terminology is only used to gather quakers of the first order.


Happy Sunday. The struggle continues. Remember what is said of history and what became of Mandela and his men who started on the same street like you. The Hero became impartial along the way and vindictive behaviours became?

Preach what you can deliver and defend on all dimensions. If you are the person fuelling your life by independence step out and talk

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