Anglophones victory for Cameroon (Ambazonia solution)

'There's really no need for confusion. Part 95 of section 33 of Article L in the contract clearly states ...'
‘There’s really no need for confusion. Part 95 of section 33 of Article L in the contract clearly states …’

Thé Spécial Speech

What is independence and who is independent?

Why is it so difficult for us to understand some simple facts? The problem is clear but there solution has been sexup long ago and even it was addressed promptly, Cameroon will still be full of flaws and problems like any other country. Like you and me who are imperfect. The important point here is the how to manage the imperfections. Tell me a country that has succeeded in the history of mankind?

I told all of you from day one and gave you advance guidelines but was insulted and some are still digging for the golden school one year one. Day by day one by one ambazonia will disintegrate to rebels in the forest huntered by just Anglophones to extinction. You are simply destroying a good idea. If rust, just your debts and immediate crisis will collapse the nation to a land worse than Somalia. Fact

Fear no one except ourselves.

You coin terms LRP etc. Who is LRP? From Foncha to you,we are all LRP. If you are not, kindly, walk into any Cameroon institution now and return everything including your birth certificate being Cameroon on it to Cameroon. Then proof to yourselves through your birth place you don’t belong to the land known today as Cameroon?

There are problems but the land has no problem and warrant no siege. No body in Cameroon is immune from the effects of the problems. Just as I told you from day one, solutions to a problem start from the roots.

Hence, You can’t be looking for an anglophone solution to a Cameroon Cameroonian problem. Wrong equation

Who are you to be talking of a Cameroon problem affecting everyone differently, different levels etc wrong code

This is the right address
Cameroon solution= every body’s solution

including us anglophones.

Put that equation even in your family. Even in ambazonia tomorrow. Even in the BREXIT UK vote. In every conflict and see for yourself

Why is common sense lacking in the 21st Century?

So stop all these rubbish an focus.

Until your android world authenticate you and establish a foundation, nothing will work. It might take you a century to get there not now not tomorrow. Fact

However, That is just the political solution but I want you who is so insulting to address the real problem facing the common man like you and me?

What is the importance of common law to a farmer in a local village? Don’t focus on the how the implementation of a policy or law is affecting you but ask yourself, the why the policy was there in the first place to see base of the real problems then seek to amend. That is how societies work. Nevertheless put this equation to your personal problem

Common man’s problem= misfortune, society and believes + cultural influences, greed, lack of well, ill health, poor education, refusal to accept guilt and blame game etc

For one year you have been made to believe that the society is al that matters. The biggest wrinkles on your face.

Look at just greed and tell me, who is that anglophone singing Amba who had no greed in his blood?

Where do you fit?
Simple answer acceptance at local level and cultural revolution to address all.

No form of government will address any thing except we the people who make up the government are force to accept to revolutionise the government and power. Apart of that, this is a waste of time energy and resources. It is not your LRP but Cameroonians like you and me to come in full.

Walk down with me the pathway is clear.

God blessed us.

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