The under estimated Strength of Ambazonia


The strongest arm of ambazonia;

Firstly, reporting information to the public, sexing up documents and fuelling confusion to gain popularity

Secondly, preaching history but limited to their ideology and time. At the same time false history.

Thirdly, assumptions

The worse part of ambazonia;

The greatest weakness is leadership. None exist or power mongers.

Inability or denial to Analysis and dialysing the information they themselves put out to the public. Trap clever avoided for it open the doors to addressing the HOW. Hence immediate collapse of ambazonia.

Secondly, blindness to see on a long term or broader spectrum. Sexup history or short term memory

Finally and worse is the absence of pragmatic thinking but believe in the self not the human differences to each other. If exposed with the avoidance to analysis information, it will spell the end.

Ambas never answer legitimate questions but will preach history that none can authenticate. For how how long will we Anglophones keep following without questioning?

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