Last weekend saw the deadliest attack on the one and only Ambazonia Higher Institute for the Blind and Baffle Minded Elite Academy whose students and professors are producing the worst ideology to ever surface in Cameroon (Ambazonia)

This operation is not about fighting Cameroonians but cleaning any ideology like CPDM SDF and worse of all Ambazonia. Separation or Federalism or decentralisation are all solutions welcome but we want you preaching it to defend it. Without an evidence based defence of the ideology, we won’t believe it viability in 21th Century Cameroon (political whitewash)5323FE99-9361-45C1-B401-FDCB0F38C1E3

In the past CPDM is a flaw ideology with fake promises no achievements. SDF on the other part has been band wagon followers powerless but what is it own ideology and achievements?

Ambazonia is attempting to used the same tactics to create the biggest problem we as a nation has ever experience.

This is the 21th Century group and you can’t be offering solutions to problems you can’t fully explain or provide any evidence justify your solution is fully fit for purpose.

Why all this nonsense and refusing changes? These are bad but not dangerous incomparism to Amba ideology who are unable to explain just the HOW they can address what they are condemning. evaluate Amba constitution alongside what they are fighting against to see the flaws and the danger.

We have currently seen a rise in the numbers of true citizens fighting the only virtual ideology that is causing havoc on the ground. Ambazonia is gagging for oxygen and is fighting back. We saw the greatest number of casualties on the virtual but Ambazonia is fighting back. We have supporters of the quake like Ashu Jasper Nawaya of Mundemba based in Brandenburg, Germany. From the university of Dschang using the deadliest form of counter-attack, facebook tools as the last resort to try and rescue a Ambazonia.

One by one, day by day we will see the ideology reduce to rebels hiding in the forest to attack by night. why not put forward a true ideology fit for purpose or return to the true struggle to revolutionise Cameroon and power and see where it will take us? The end might be the same

This is 21st Century and we want a better Cameroon not a sweet ideology.





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