The proof ambazonia was mere eccentric propaganda

Together we will make our society better for all. 5323FE99-9361-45C1-B401-FDCB0F38C1E3

My country, fellow Cameroonians, my commanders, compatriots I salute you all in the name of peaceful coexistence. I must remind you current events do not signal the end of the struggle but the dawn of the real struggle to revolutionise our culture, the government and power.

May I used this opportunity to address all Cameroonians who for long have denounced reality in favour of ambazonia that it is not right to fight against any one individual fighting for a better life but we must ensure such pathways do not hinder general progress peace and security or open doors to bigger problems. In so doing we must abstain from false promises, eccentric behaviour, misleading ourselves and sawing seeds of hatred within a heterogeneous society. Such moves are barbaric and must be condemned.

We have a genuine cry by the population for a better society for all. This was not a political movement but once hijacked by an opportunist organisation SCNC to serve it agenda, the facts of the matter become a political substitute for reality. I called on you to see beyond the spectrum. What ambazonia stand for is practically impossible in it current form.

I called on all to take a minute and reflect on what they have been told of ambazonia, go back to archives to see factual events and propaganda stage to brainwash and mislead you. We have seen posters of ambazonia leader conquering the world, authenticating independence and declaring, showing it has support from South Africa, Nigeria etc. Go fund group and the training of military to attack Cameroon. pictures of the interim President with his cabinet, etc

The current arrest challenges all these propaganda and raises major questions. You claimed Nigeria supported your ideology but the very Nigeria arrested you.
How can a whole government miss signs and symptoms of danger? That question alone put this movement out of the political world and I called on your supporters to rebrand.

We are not against you but ask you to ask yourself why no body is in support of your ideology except yourself.
There is still time but I must remind you, I am bamenda made in Cameroon and only though that pathway shall we succeed in revolutionising our country making it fit for all. I will fight and destroy any notion of self interest of any one tribe. We are Cameroon and Cameroon is us. It is not my wish to stand on this platform an to follow this pathway as an anglophone but it is the only pathway that even God will guide us through. It is pragmatic and feasible.

God Blessed is God blessed Cameroon.

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