Cameroon upcoming elections briefing

Cameroon and Cameroonians are still in a dark ages era of politics understanding whereby people vote charisma to political pragmatic ideology visible and feasible.

For almost 6decades we have voted by conformity to rationalism. We called on you to question yourselves why you have voted for any candidate at any level in the past to established our own errors and mistakes in the making of the current mess. Where necessary seek accountability where wrong doing May or may not interfer to the national interest of the nation.

It is not our duty to tell you to vote or not but our duty to give your rational informative decisions at the ballots. Cpdm is anglophones and Cameroon and ambazonia is Cameroon. We true Cameroonians see no current feasible alternative to the current government that warrant our vote and we need a viable alternative with strong relations to grassroots and the people. There are severe amendments needed by the political parties and politicians to ensure such educational and political tools give way to a better nation accordingly to the cry of the people.

Furthermore, given the current atmosphere it is would mentioning the current regimes need personal amendments to it party constitution to ensure it stand up to the requirements of it own standards of 21st Century Cameroon with a clear motto and meaningful manisfesto. This goes equally to any political party. We need cross party consensus and bridges to ensure full accountability.

At the moment, political parties are self interested flawed organisation established to enhance a political paralysis system to serve their interest in power and greed not the interest of the nation or serve the needs of the mass.

Without such measures in place we do not see any valid reason to advice participation in such political matters but seek peaceful protest in the name of our motherland.

We are the 21st Century Cameroon of tomorrow and want a political foundation that enhance and engages the common man in political decisions at grass roots to serve their needs. Power should be rationalised as per needs of the people not assumed it is fit for purpose where it is clearly not. When we conform and failed on our duty to challenge ourselves, politicians and political movement, they see no need to embrace our needs and serve the needs of the nation.

We called on all Cameroonians to stand up peacefully and make their voices heard. Cameroon is not CPDM nor Mr President Biya. Cameroon is us and we must be accountable and responsible for Cameroon as a unit. It is not about who govern, what system is in place but about the types of governance and fitness to purpose.

Together we will revolutionise what ever government who so ever is leading and What so ever is not fit for it purpose.

Cameroon needs us more than ever.

God blessed Cameroon.

Good guides us forward.

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