The struggle on plain paper. My tour of Cameroon and the UK

My tour of Cameroon and the UK
Greatest facts about the struggle

The story of London in the heart of Bamenda Cameroon.

A must read for all true Cameroonians.

I chose this village for so many reasons; it system of governance, geographical location, the ingenuity of the people, a true replicate Cameroon and an example of London itself. This village structures baffle all Ambazonia ideology. That village is Akum Small London with high ranking officials in the Cameroon government itself and boost itself with a high rate of literacy. Boost itself with abundant farm land, fresh water, damp for electricity, Black stone for roads, sand for building etc. Truly this is London in Africa.

On the Yde – Baffoussam ring road just outskirt of Bamenda came across this village with one of the must advance systems of governance with the chief and his cabinet of ministers, to low ranking officials to foot armies of the village comprising of any full fit adult.

Taxation: AWA.

Advance whereby a levy is made by on each adult without any consideration of life. Each adult in the very has a sum to pay and that is policed as far as London. This system is as old as the the Cameroon regime and the chief.

Niche economy. Masters of their trade throughout Cameroon in glass and aluminium work. Agriculture is just a means to sustain. Infrastructure; the best you would come across from Yde or Douala right down to the boarders with Nigeria for a village of around 2000 people. It boost itself with nursery to high school level education with hospitals and churches.

The village boost itself with private drinking water and of the only village with electricity covering the whole land with Motown way access. Mobility is the same like any other part of Cameroon. Dead rate is averaging 2 per day with youths dying daily.

Internal divisions over land and resources are rampant often resulting to casualties and death.

At top level, the village holds two chiefs with a struggle of self determination dating more than 2 decades.

Upon all the wealth generated through taxation, the village itself has little to show off from the millions generated. All the structures in place and most of the roads and bridges are personal efforts funded by private villagers. The road to the palace two hundred yards from the ring road is worser than the ring road itself.

The good thing about this villages is that although the system is centralised it offers room for private initiatives, quarter initiatives etc

There is no accountability to the sums of money raise and the tax payers have no voice in demanding accountability and responsibilities openly.

Looking at this village, Cameroon has lots to learn from it but what do you see in it foundations? I guess I can see an imperfect world with flaws in it leadership and system of governance just like I have seen in Cameroon as a whole and in London. But there is a genuine sense of the greater good within this society that I believe gave birth to it name small London.

It is truly London in Cameroon without the financial headquarters and tomany people sleeping on the streets.tomany begging for money but share unemployment as an unequal society. Thesame sene was in Cardiff, Birmingham etc. Where is the paradise Ambazonians are preaching? I have seen a court system corrupt and discrimination rampant. Blacks treated as third class and black Jamaicans treating Africans is another class of blacks. Inequality is in everything.

This is the dilemma here for those preaching Ambazonia. If such a small village of 2000 inhabitants comparing itself to London with such wealth are unable to boost the best system of governance where do you get your ideology from? How far will you go in pretending you are pure when the failures of the state are replicate to the villages across the country? With such wealth, I would expect an advance society with the smallest unemployment but it is not the case. The gap between the rich and the poor is the same in the village just as in Cameroon overall. Morbidity is the same, death rate the same or even worse, vandalism is the same to bamenda town rate per ratio. Crime is the same as bamenda town per ratio. corruption is the same or even worse. Do we thing structures are synonymous to better life? This village is proof of the contrary. Where is the idea of NW and SW being the same people coming from? Where is the idea of pure people coming from? We complain of taxation which is right what would you say about this Anglophones village system? We complain of death rate and poor living conditions, can’t you see parallels in villages. How far will we go to speak honestly. I tell you what that village has better mobile phone signal than parts of the UK. Better drinking water, better food, better social and community interaction. That is a world 300yrs ahead of us. The valleys in Wales speak volumes to Anglophones talking of the destruction of companies in Bamenda. Without the politics, there are parallels here and the people have simply rebranded themselves to fighting. I am surprised to see them vote out of EU with pragmatic evidence showing huge EU incentives and investment. Learning for me.

However, i am standing at Heathrow airport now as I am summarising my tour seeing structures and making sense of it all for the future and comparing to Douala and Yaoundé to bamenda and the needs of all these airports without passengers and airlines

I have just finish the tour of the UK just to be shocked by reality. Nurses pay in Poland is almost the same as in Cameroon but the structures you see in Poland are the same as in the UK but Polish citizens are flocking in the UK for better life. The UK it self has it own flaws.

It is time for you and me to think outside of the box. This is a warning shot to those in Europe perpetrating real life with eccentric ideas. See Libya, South Sudan, Gambia, Eritrea, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria. We are better than this with the education and natural talent and wealth. To fast is not success but a synonym for disaster. Our brothers and sisters in the western world are misleading us. A fact that any one who disagrees should put forward and advance informed critic. My proof is embedded in the code coded on this short reflection.

Thanks all for supporting my tour. God will grant us peace and peaceful coexistence and knowledge to understanding ourselves. Let Tunisia, Egypt and Libya guide us now.


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