The Central Problem In Cameroon on Ambazonia table

In Cameroon, years of poor governance has lead to a laisse faire system/ society to all in the government or in a position to exploit. Those in government and power have exploited and benefited the most but it must be said all employed by the state are primarily beneficiaries of the system. They are the minority and the majority are those affected. There is nothing as Anglophones suffering in the hands of francophones although I agree Cameroon needs a constitutional amendment.
Economic reforms are central to pragmatically address the problems but we must acknowledge economic problems are not just in Cameroon but a world wide problem. It will-be in our interest to be pro active in the nation building 8F784E82-7825-4D29-BA38-836FA5CA04B0

Ambazonia in it part is arrogant in it approach. We have to look at the system in a transparent approach not in a bias manner that induced a misleading view of real facts. The blinded and blink views of Ambazonia are not just bad but dangerous. Any one who criticise is immediately sidelined and blackmail as an enemy. Why nobody question the impression pasted on our walls is a psychological phenomenon nobody can truly express.

Sisiku was based in South Africa and of recent his vision was echoed on our streets. The same vision is what South Africans are calling for Jacob Z to resign against. The central problem is the economy and unemployment. How can this vision be feasible?

I am pragmatic and called on you to be more accountable and take central stage in our quest to a better ideal nation. It will never be perfect but fit for a 21st Century Nation. It is high time we stop the culture of blame and accept the blame. Cameroon is us and we are Cameroonians.

Together we will make it work for you.

Pas Claudius D great

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