How misled is Ambazonia?

I am Bamenda made in Cameroon making me a pure Anglophones who has no links to power or benefit any thing from not supporting Ambazonia.

If Ambazonia is the new name for Anglophones, then I am the real deal but I do not want to associate myself to a name that is synonymous to confusion, obedience, frustration and atrocities.

I am a liberal who want nothing else but a better society for all. No body is in denial that our country is in a mess; infrastructure to the economy to health care to education. The current system is a laisse faire benefiting those in power or who are employed in the public sector. These are not Anglophones or francophones but Cameroonians.

When the crisis began with the teachers and lawyers I supported their call but advice them to address the roots not the later. Suddenly the people took to the street to the rise of the consortium.

The people were told by the leaders they are not Cameroonians but British southern Cameroonians, Ambazonia. They want common law just like England not civil law. They don’t want French teacher teaching subjects like maths to Anglophones. Marginalisation of Anglophones for 56yrs , Anglophones are second class citizens in Cameroon etc. These are problems worth examining.

This is the views of one of the leaders criticising The longevity of the president of Cameroon in power while advocating for southern Cameroon to follow the example of England but failed to address the posters.

One year on it is clear the Anglophones have been miss sold the situation to an extent we might end up in vanity. The facts are clear, we need the civil law in the Anglophones zone more than the common law and the problem of the lawyers is embedded in the practice and is a byproduct of a liase faire system not in the law.

The teachers problem is far simpler than previously preached. 90% of Anglophones believe bilingual means speaking English and French hence what is the wrong doing in French teachers in our school? Ambazonia failed to address the whole situation and see the system in a transparent manner. Are there English teachers teaching maths in English to French speakers? That is the base of the central argument.

Truly there are practical problems and constitutional problems with the representatives manner of Cameroon as a French nation at international level. But who is not affected by these problems in one way or the other?

We are the government and we are the LRP you coin daily. The bilingual commission was set up post struggle and as many Anglophones are working there just like francophones. Why accept the jobs when you preach marginalisation?


Look at the poster of one your leaders who left Cameroon with a Cameroon passport and birth certificate through Yde or Dla to the USA. He might be in possession of a green card or USA passport. Under what Is this not treason and misleading the nation?A31D99DC-9A6B-48A6-B2B3-55AA9C2D51C5.png

You have been promised heaven and earth by them but nobody seem to ask the (Where) it will come from.

Truly we have gone to far and being told to keep going by our leaders in fear of repercussions is just insane.

What do you entent to achieve and how will it help your personal life?

The problems of Cameroon warrant Cameroon to address and nobody will address your personal problem. That is a fact of modern times.

Your your intellect and hold yourself and your leaders accountable.
God blessed Cameroon
Pas Claudius

‘This is exactly the kind of person we should have running the country into the ground.’
ounds did he travel to the USA?

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