Cameroon Amendment 16 Anglophones Uprising

IMG_1301Fellow Cameroonians I salute you all this morning. Happy Sunday to all and peace be with you.

I am an anglophone and I speak to you today not as a leader but as your humble servant. Cameroon is Cameroon and Cameroon problems will need Cameroon to address not Anglophones. You are just the key that open the door and put the bear to the nation to see and unit behind you. Do not attempt to carry a load your can’t bear or address but put the case back to the people of Cameroon.

If you think you are not a Cameroonian then it is far easier for you not to destabilise the life/lives of thousands Anglophones Cameroonians behind keyboards. We don’t need a virtual world we need a real world that is listening acting and educating the people of the way forward. Life is forward not backward. It was but who are we now? Our genealogy is pure proof we are Cameroonians. How on earth can à human denounces his nationality and present him/herself as a leader of any capacity of the very citizens of that nation. Seeking dual nationality is not denouncing your birth right and denouncing your birth rights make you totally unfit to lead the set group of people. An act of treason.

The modern societal needs proof we need civil law. Our interpretation of bilingual means French teachers are allowed in our schools but there is a serious practical element worth examining. Present a case with facts and evidence to justify at any level. That has so far proven beyond our reach. That explain a serious mis-calculation that can be disastrous. Why present yourself in a bias manner?

Ambazonia is not a nation and your attempts are not feasible and lack credibility although truly there exist practically problems. These problems affect the nation and the pain is felt differently by all. Your pain is not my pain and my pain is not your but we have pains.

Anglophones have been miss-sold the case for Cameroon and misled to gain such a massive popularity and momentum. However, we must push aside un-achievable miss sold objectives and ensure we balance the needs of a reciprocal effects with ground evidence to justify purpose.

Today, none of your leaders is willing to take up the challenge and advice and address the people with honesty and integrity and lead with clear objective. I tell you the truth, all your leaders are fully aware independence is a dream and fighting for is bunkers. Federalism is a mere system and can’t work without a central system but we need to break down the system to aid the needs of the people in their various towns.

This fight is not about independence but the need to change the whole system making it fit for purpose. It is about talking of your pain and my pain and opening doors for Cameroon to address the pain of Cameroonians.
From the north to the south, east to west every Cameroonian is waiting for change. Those in power are eager to see change. The world wants to see change. Why put un achievable pressure on yourselves to achieve nothing. Liberate the struggle and leave innocent children out of politics and the outcomes will be clear.

I fully accept the Anglophones have been misled and have traveled too far to resigned and concede defeat but resignation is not the answer. The answer is accepting facts making recommendations opening doors for Cameroon to answer and address it internal affairs.

I had a vision but I want to tell you this. A leader is a keen listener, an impartial one born leader seeing the whole in a transparent manner. Cameroon need one now. I will not accept half or accept one because I am eager for a quick solution. If I am the one then, I will be uniting not separating, I will be building bridges not breaking, I will be restoring not destroying, I will be giving you your responsibilities not only rights. Nations are not built by the leaders but by the people under the leadership of their leader who should be the number one builder.

I called on all of you to lead by example, preach what you can achieve and deliver, do not stereotype and hold innocent people to a ransom. The nation needs me, the National needs me. Hand to hand let us move forward as Cameroon.

God blessed Cameroon God blessed you.


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