The International NO verdict to Ambazonia Independence Demands.

IMG_1301Ambazonia you have presented a case for independence summaries below.

Case No 1: marginalisation by the government,

Case No 2: The restoration of the 1961 independence Verdict

Case No 3: Your rights to self determination

Case No 4: Failure of the government to adhere to the 1962 federation agreement.

The world sympathies with you but politics at the international level is not synonymous to feeling but the wants should balance the future needs and the needs should by rational to the wants and feelings. Without any evidence to demonstrate you alone as an anglophone is marginalised by the francophones and the government, how can you justify no francophone has the same feelings like you? How will you ensure, given the prevailing circumstances the granting of your wish will ensure no anglophone feels marginalised by your own government?

Your second case relates to the restoration of independence. It is right and proper for people to feel ill treated by those who should have done things differently in their favour. However, the circumstances at the time did determine the direction of action. To that, restoration could be applicable if and only if the trustees did grant independence. Under the league of nation, I fully believe Southern Cameroon was part of Cameroon govern under British administration hence independence was granted to Cameroon.

Thirdly, your rights to self determination. It is a right under the UN chartered and those rights are govern by rules and policies which are themselves govern by each nation’s constitution. Your draft constitution does not make amendments to ensure separate parties can achieve self determination without the need of the pathway you are seeking. Hence it is as rigid as the Cameroon constitution. How will you ensure your rights to self determination does not empede other parties from self determination under your government.

Fourthly, 1961 constitution for federal government was not re-addressed by the UN but the people of Cameroon and that can only be address by the people of Cameroon. The UN does not dictate the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. However, given the prevailing circumstances, I fully believe this is ambiguous case for Ambazonia to proof beyond any doubt the set case relates only to them.

I am Pas Claudius made from Bamenda made in Cameroon, I was never and advocate of an ambiguous case. A fairer society is not a synonymous to a new nation except proven beyond proof.

Good blessed us, God blessed Cameroon.

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