Southern Cameroon Crisis. The Damning Report.

IMG_1301I know given the prevailing circumstances and the consequences many will insult and criticise but before you insult look around you look at the media if any of your leaders and elites have lost just one of their family member as a result of this crisis?

I am calling on the protection of my people (pure anglophone Cameroonians) to remain vigilant and fully accountable for their safety and protection. Bullets don’t discriminate between fugitives, villains and ordinary citizens.

When Hon Wirba said “resist”,he became the hero leading by example. Left his job to fight the establishment just to returned to the very establishment and continue his normal duties. What does the act mean to you? Is he taking responsibility for his actions or your actions?

When Ayah Ayah was arrested, it took his family world wide campaign to proof he had no hand in the crisis and to secure his safety. The people cried, “oh God only if he was released would he lead us forward”

Upon released Mr Ayah took one step backward and ever since what have you learned? Is he assuming responsibility of his life and his family or your actions, arrest, injured or being killed?

The untouchable two IVo and Mark who preached daily for you to resist and even picked up arms, have never stepped out of their hiding, or denounced the nationality they are preaching bahind and the foreign ID they are chasing and step foot at the frontline to demonstrate they are fully aware of the consequences of their actions. Have they experienced any personal grievances to feel your pain? What do you think and have seen so far? They have now turn to journalism to avoid responsibility over their past indirect and direct actions and your actions under their command. They are master sexing up information to infiltrate more anger over nothing when they should be responsible enough to in lighten innocents and the vulnerable.

When Sisiku took to leadership, you were promised all. More money was pumped in to deliver independence. You can confirmed to yourself the independence achieved through the mollions spent . Knowing he could not deliver that he turned to violence to deliver independence. He is now defending himself not you. What did you see and learned? For a whole year did you see his son brother sister picked up arms? Are Sisiku’s children out of school?

I called on you looking to weapons and violence as a way to achieve your over night promised dream, to ask yourself a couple of questions; who is accountable for my actions? Who will be responsible for your family if you go missing in action? Who will pay your hospital if you are injured?

Above all why are you fighting and for who and to achieve what? I tell you the truth if you are picking up arms Turning to violence and vandalism, first check if Wirba’s son is among the leaders at the battle front. Wirba is the commander in chief

Ayah’s, son is holding a machine gun like you. Ayah is the Air Marshal. Sisiku’s wife is there ensuring your children are safely protected.
Etc Check if Mark and Ivo are leading the Attack. Are their children out of school? check if Dr Akamagwa is giving accurate orders to ensure you are not armbushed. Check if those abroad have accepted to fund the war to the end and accepted liabilities.

I am not against you I am for you. I am here to ensure you are protected from bullets. I am here to ensure my people understand nationwide problems require the nation to address. We can voice them we can resist them but we should not raise our fist we’re we should not. Remember I predicted our rise and fall accurately. I predicted the chaos post fake independence declaration. The notion we are pure Cameroonians not English and have nothing to do with England today. I predicted the grave of the leaders. I tell you the untouchables two are wiser than you followers think and are as conning but I wonder if they will cone the system for long.

Yes the struggle has gone to far but if Man can get a rocket up to the moon and back, what do you mean by too far? We have spoken and Cameroon is aware now is the time to push for immunity for all allowing Cameroon to respond. That is the meaning of RESIST by Wirba.

God blessed Us.
Pas Claudius

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