Ambazonia Amendment 2017 (distance itself from SCNC)

The New Ambazonia welcome by all in the world

BAC17AD1-5361-475F-A3F4-86BE83335BC2If there was any one who actually believed in ambazonia independence, then that person is more confused than even ambazonia. As we protest we should remember that the creation of ambazonia was out of opportunity and self interest.

If ambazonia is the new name for anglophones then I am the true ambazonia but I would not associate myself to the current format for the very reasons upon which it was created.

To make future pathways visible, we must separate the struggle and SCNC agenda making ambazonia unique like a political movement created by the people for the people to address the people’s problem. The flag represents the people and the anthem represent it motto.

Only if we can see and believe in geopolitical nature of the world can we see victory already on our spoons. The people are Cameroon and the problem is Cameroon hence success will be achieved through Cameroon.

Thank you and God blessed you

Cameroon United Front
Twitter @camunitedfront
Instagram: cameroon_united_front


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