The Southern Cameroon Crisis Solution. Speech

5323FE99-9361-45C1-B401-FDCB0F38C1E3My fellow country men, women and children I salute you all. Cameroon is us and we are the people to settle problems affecting us. Cameroon is not LRP but we are LRP with Mr Biya as leader. There are no excuses on the part of the government in it initially handling of the problem and there should be no excuses on the part of ambazonia in politising a normal non political revolt. Both parties should bear the bulk but we must understand the government is us.

Today is just another day for most of you texting and sharing on social media our perceived understanding of the problem but I stand here today not to address you but Cameroon.

It should be absolutely clear we have arrive here not as a plan act but as an opportunist gamble mishandle by the government and wrongly explored by members of the SCNC currently a banned organisation. Ambazonia is just another name to represent the SCNC agenda.

To move forward, we must be in position to accept facts and substantiate evidence with mere propaganda. We all are aware of people trying to infiltrate the current situation to achieve personal stardom. That is not an important approach especially where life/lives at at risk.

People will contest this view but social media does not contest itself. The violence on our streets today is the effects of bias propaganda preach by this group to achieve it personal aims. Hence, it is not the government that brought violence on our streets but this group of people and at the same time we should not deny government authoritarian approach that fuel more anger.

The government only intervened fully post independence declaretio to safeguard it integrity as a nation.A move any government would just like in Spain and I fully believe ambazonia would do the same given it was a nation.

Self determination is a right and I am in no objection to your demands. The world has said NO, Cameroon has said No. You have presented a case for two state federal government; the world refused to support your bid and Cameroon said No. There are grounds for you to amend yourself and present a case viable and you should understand Cameroon includes yourself.
To that I put these important points;

This is time for you not to preach what you are saying but knowing what you are preaching and why you are preaching. We need a Cameroon solution. That is our prime objective and to substantiate between political solutions and a moral solution to address not ambazonia but the people who took to the street.

To achieve self determination, you should be able to put forward an onward plan for others to achieve self determination without the need for the current situation.
Secondly, your are still to put forward a rational explanation explaining the reasons behind your demands unbiased and rational politically and morally acceptable by all.

I called on the military to respect and enhance it practice and abstain from unnecessary force were necessary. I called on the people to cooperate with the military to minimise casualties and and the risk of civilians being caught up.

I called on the separatist movement to abstain from violence provocation inviting the military giving it leaders time to focus and address itself and return to the table with an unbiased perspective of the présumé problem for a full analysis hence a Cameroon solution.

To attend that I will stand for immunity from impunity for all including those in prison and their immediate release from prison under the set condition of a Cameroon problem and Cameroon solution
and I called on them to accept my approach. I called on the Government to look into this pathway immediately but we must accept an immediate stop on our part in inviting violence and intimidation on those who oppose ambazonia and the fear of School children to return to education.the exclusion of children should be an undisputed fact.

I called on an immediate ceasefire from midnight today Cameroon time and called on both parties to respect it. This will give us time to amend our demands and present a case for dialogue parving the way for the release of all in prison under such conditions.

Without such a move, we risk escalating this problem to a full out war which is something no sane person will wish to see.

To that I call on all to come together and walk as one through the colonial gate.

Good Blessed Cameroon. God blessed us.

Pas Claudius born in Bamenda made in Cameroon

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