Ambazonia Has Become Attention seekers and social media joke at the expense of life/lives Y?

What is wrong with humanity? How many people will this violence consume before we stand up together and say enough is enough? Why are ambazonia advocates not denouncing the violence they invited in the first place? Is it not a planned tactical approach to attract attention? Then it will only backfire as no government in this modern world will be wash by it or interfere in the integrity of another nation. Europeans are wiser than us. Even Moscow has it own flag and it does not grant them nation status.B799FE2D-F719-4F43-AAF7-EF4B2EDF0116.png

We declared ghost town and slowly it is fast becoming a besieged. Are we blind! How many times will I come to your aide before you will accept rational pathways? Your leaders are in prison and you are on social media making jokes and reporting on irrelevant matters. It was, i want, i think etc what political knowledge are you using?

I full believe 1yrs on Ambazonia should by now be in a position to address real problems with evidence to convince the mass the fight is worth fighting.

I said in 2016 that if your degree is disturbing you flush it. If it has failed to grant your knowledge burnt it. You are better off speaking from a naive path with a degree and acquire knowledge then defend than to speak baseless point with degrees in your pockets. It was and is still not at insult but an opportunity for all to think deeper. What are we looking to achieve and will even war grant that? Look at the journey of South Africa and the end product. What was the rational for the sacrifice?

Rwanda another example. Can we not achieve similar change with bloodshed? When reporting rubbish at the expense of denouncing what do we think is the moral behind it

Honestly, is there any one of you who thinks I am wrong? Social media is my proof.

If you can go through all ambazonia leaders speeches and all advocates and pull out just one paragraph that give any evidence to justify the need and spells out the way forward how it will deliver it promises, bring it now? I am not against but it is not right for several reasons.

APart of insult, i was, it was and journalism can you point to just one agenda Ambazonia spelling on social media worth the bloodshed and sacrifice they are seeking. What can you deliver that has eluded, South Sudan, Gambia, Eritrea etc. Put it forward spelling the how.

We have gone pass I was, it was to rational and analytical thinking. Say what you know. Do we lack leadership with honesty and integrity or is it a curse. The misleading of innocent people into vandalism and terrorism is not morally or politically acceptable. I say no. Again I say fight for food and shelter let nature take it course.

‘This is exactly the kind of person we should have running the country into the ground.’

Is a shame 2decades of most of our education is a waste except brainstorming equations that have no meaning to ordinary life.

We can do better. Life is not about name change but about enhancing what is on the table. When you destroy, justify.let nature guide us only. The tîme is now for you to remember who you truly are 35E2E40D-EF95-46CC-B85D-42E298D5F2B3.jpeg

sake Gods Pathway and be safe or continue on your evil seed and be destroyed. Walk down with.

I am Pas Claudius.

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