The Reasons I Fully Disagree With Ambazonia Ideology

IMG_2592The reason I don’t support ambazonia. That does not mean support for the current government.

When people believe they are angry when they are not angry, a conformity stage is set. That will lead to stereotypical views to prejudice, discrimination, violence and if care is not taken mass massacre of innocent brainwashed people to achieve zero but decades of turmoil.

Ambazonia has gone round the world trumpeting how bad is Cameroon and how good they can be in changing their own world. Your brothers and sisters abroad are telling us home how bad is our education. The very education that took must of them to Europe or gave them certificates to expand on.
Not a bad idea. Only that those who went on scholarship under Cameroon coffers are still to explain the meaning of independence to join to us back home. Those school abroad are also bad not so?

I have this problem with amba ideology her supporters and their views of reality and the real world. Yes Cameroon is not the best but apart of the infrastructure structure you see in some parts of the world especially Africa, how bad is Cameroon in comparison to all other African nations?

I see Cameroon equal to or even better than most African nations in their structures and political status. The only difference between Nigeria and Cameroon is the infrastructure but Nigeria changes president as USA. Remember better societies are not synonymous to infrastructure then Eastern Europeans won’t travel to the west for better life.

Cameroon need change and we are the government, the people to force the change not by pretending we are different and not part of it. The government is you and me. LRP is you and me make no mistake of amba propaganda.

Going back to ambazonia. If they knew the meaning of change then the millions of dollars spent already would have change our environment as an example to all. That money could have built super markets to create employment, built football stadium, built cheap affordable school of high standards and provide a better education to your standards. That is how to bring change in your community and help the poor and push prices down by force. Why are they not doing that but good at insulting any one who disagree with them?

We should be very careful not to used the induced frustration or allow the confusion to distort our imagination of the truth and facts. The only link between Bamenda and kumba is that they can communicate in English just like any one can communicate with even a Chinese man. That those not make us the same people. Don’t create an impression of an entity that people will accept that is totally wrong in practice. Let South Sudan be my example of people unity on one front through propaganda just to realise they are not a homogeneous group of people. That is civil war in the making between kumba and Bamenda. History is my evidence. English is no identity to an African. South Africa is well advance but do you see similar problems you are basing your argument on in South Africa? The answer is yes even in mighty USA. Hence why accept and believe in an ideology you know is very dangerous? Nazi Germany is easy to be reborn.

Instead ambazonia is behaving just like the very Cameroon they are condemning and even worse. Communism ideology are being used to brainwashed ordinary citizens by Ambazonians leaders to believe the state is God that will erase their problems and provide paradise. Good for those who pay attention to such hypocritical ideology. Christ died 2000yrs yet you are still unable to fully understand and embrace his ideology with crosses on your necks 24/7. Shame to all anglophone tarnishing the image of themselves and Cameroon through stupid propaganda and insult on social media. I tell you this as a honest leader who has embraced the meaning of the cross.

Who is the government you are insulting and expecting to provides food for you? If you are not that government then ask yourself what did ambazonia do with millions of dollars. Criticising by doing worse. Luxury cars, luxury hotels, first class flights. The regime again! are you blind!

To the supporters of ambazonia and civil citizens, government don’t built our communities but we built our communities through government initiatives. Ambazonia is talking of a communist ideology in a capitalist world. But looking at Africa as a whole explain how you we provide the milk and honey for all that no African nation has been able to achieve?

Two years on millions of dollars spent nothing to show off in our communities. Name just one family whose lives have change by that millions. Name just one young intelligent student who is on scholarship from that money. Name just one employment opportunity created by it. We are fighting for a better community really!

Painting pictures of Mandela and throwing statements of Martin L king on the arena is meaningless except you can demonstrate the meaning. 28yrs on after Mandela, South Africa as a nation is still to fully understand the meaning of Mandela. What would you tell your so called ambazonia leaders preaching 24/7? Ask yourselves why Mandela suddenly embraced a unilateral front. Did he have a vision or was he contacted by aliens just like George Washington appearances during the civil wars or what?

I know ambazonia advocates will quietly start such initiatives to gain favours but my ideology is ordained as a God’s gift. Only through God can any one deliver my ideology.

If I am wrong please you are more than welcome to challenge. African countries that are fast developing today have experienced what we are going through and have finally come to one conclusion. Be honest responsible accountable and work for your nation for the greater good as a citizen.
More to that, they have accepted the truth of the HOW societies develop flourish.
We are the society and we will build it not the government.

We are all fighting for the future of our children but I tell you the truth, if arming the children when they should be in school, knowingly that it means destroying that future and deliberately making them refugees, then that is not what I perceive as the meaning of fight for the future. If it mean spending millions on luxury hotels and going round spreading propaganda in the name of lobbying for a new nation then I will tell you to repeat the word change 56 times and address your ideology again for you are not different to what you have critise.

Some leaders will be honest, open and tell you the truth that is too bitter just like Jesus and some will be autocratic in nature and hold their pride promising more milk and honey for you to see light in them when the truth inside is vanity.

Let Nazi Germany be my guide and let Jesus be my hero. We don’t need leaders who will take us to war.

If we can fund a war, we are able to built our communities how we want without war and blood and succeed to deliver change you are dreaming of without any blood. There is just one problem


Are you willing to put the knives in your pockets away?

Thanks for reading.

Pas Claudius

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