Reasons why anglophone Cameroonians are split over The struggle.


Acceptance vs denial, Foncha VS Endeley. Foncha is fully aware of Cameroon problems but Endeley advocates are using the Cameroon problems to make a case for Endeley. Endeley’s case was settled then and today we are in Cameroon were we truly belong. The problems are national not regional. Distortion of minor problems to build a bigger scenario for Endeley is not a viable option. The struggle was not about 1950s but about the current nature of Cameroon. Many stands are for or against the reality of today not of yesterday.

Why split? In the past we have always voted candidates to lead us not the ideology behind them. We have always voted Mr Biya without asking for the ideology of cpdm, their manifesto for the people. Is my Biya an ideology?

Yesterday was SDF the same scenario. MPs are voted on charisma and intimidation and bribery.

Today, people are singing ambazonia nobody asked, what is the ideology behind Ambazonian? What is the manifesto, is it pragmatic, evidence based and feasible? I tell you the truth. Some anglophones have learned whereas some have refused to learned believing a new nation is the solution. You are the problems and shifting from pole to pole is no solution. Mr Biya’s departure will end the majority of all these but might not be a solution to the real problems take note

We are condemning cpdm and Biya by making the same mistake. A leader without an ideology and the right manifesto is a preacher be warn. I see statements of people like Mr Ivo Tapang and Mr Mark B on my table calling for arms and violence. To achieve what? What did Mr Wirba’s resist archived? What did Mr Sisiku millions archived? You have been camping around the world disturbing the peace of foreign nation for 2yrs what has been achieved? In two years we have achieved more confusion created thousands of deluded baffled minded power mongers preacher in the name of leaders that in the lasted century and they are doing their best to confused us more a destroy our societies in the name of going to Buea.Extra parts to confuse people.

HOW will you rebuild the country after your violence? Whose gold will you steal or you are still in propaganda of Menchum and SONARA?

21stcentury leadership is not 1950s dark âges political leadership. I am not against Ambazonia but you are wasting time and resources that could be used to change our society beyond belief making it possible for an anglophone to lead Cameroon tomorrow.

Where there is difference in opinion, there is anger and frustration but make no mistake let anger don’t distort your imagination of reality or destroy the little on your table. If I am wrong challenge me with your evidence to back up your stand.

Western nations have learned from Libya, South Sudan, Egypt , Yemen and Syria. If you are day dreaming not even one will come to your Aide instead they will support the regime to destroy you. I tell you the truth, it will be easier for the world to destroy you than to set a chain reaction in sub Saharan Africa that can destabilise the whole area. The don’t want another wave of refugees.

Thanks for reading e original struggle was not about all these but

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