Republic of The Virtual Ambazonia Nation 2yrs on

Does Ambazonia really know what they are Doing?

'There's really no need for confusion. Part 95 of section 33 of Article L in the contract clearly states ...'
‘There’s really no need for confusion. Part 95 of section 33 of Article L in the contract clearly states …’

The facts today on the ground are clear. The people want an end to this so called struggle but those abroad are holding on simply because they feel they are immune from correction using the status bush … we know better. Donkeylous. You are not different to those home and the humble citizens who have actually decided to learned about western societies will agree that the western world is not immunes from your presumed problems and you are fighting vanity.

It is becoming clear Ambazonia has no plans and is counting on nature and God to deliver miracles through propaganda and bloodshed. All Ambazonia plans have failed, all promises failed. Facts, Ambazonia was merely a lottery played by anglophones mostly abroad and danced by innocent citizens at home 2016 75:25. Today, 90:10 reason is simple. Those abroad are baffle with the tip of the iceberg they are living in and want to pick and chose. Mars citizens. The truth is they have seen a loop hole to gain asylum status hence is wise to preach the propaganda. The 10 home today fully believe in an entity but none can demonstrate the problem.

If change means change of leadership to get to Buea only then Ambazonians would have landed in Buea long time ago. 2yrs more than 5leaders have taken high to the sky and crash landed like an apple falling from the moon to earth. That has answer your greatest misery. Rotating leaders does not equal better outcomes. Let Nigeria add to that voice. You just need an ordained leader to deliver the right change although I fully agree rotating may be good. Should we also rotate our chief to ensure democracy is in practice?

In 2016, when The consortium announced the independence journey under the influence of SCNC and Hon Wirba alongside Ayah Pual millions pump in to fund the fight. Millions rise to support 24/7 to raise momentum. Today you are lucky to have 200 comments. Propaganda and sexing of information did work then and the liberals where hanging on the cliff. That money would have brought victory just balancing those affected by ghost town.

Ghost town was well respected, children refusing to go school. Today there is no child who does not want to return to school. All parents want the quick return to normality. People do not want to hear of ghost town and the mop riders who once enforced ghost town are begging for the government to stop it. All parents are feed up. But those abroad are still praying for wisdom and it has become more elusive than before

If Mr Ayah had died in prison he would have been rated equal to Martin L King. Thanks today you can conclude for me.

Hon Wirba the once great leaders has slowly return to where he belongs as if he never existed. Speaking under the table expecting an innocent one to lift his hand up and pay on his behalf.

Mark Bareta thé once Air Marshal has been reduced to a family head struggling to speak to a 100 audience. Tapang Ivo has turn to extremism struggling to be heard by any educated person except sympathisers.

Sisiku the once show man is slowly being forgotten at the mercy of God. Not Even one out of the thousand propaganda pictures used to brainwashed innocent people back home has even empathise with him and his movement.

The fall of ambazonia was anticipated. On to the amba advocates, liberals can demonstrate the problems in Cameroon. They have spend nothing but have achieved miracles. The statistics on the Ambazonia capital Facebook are clear the once cliff hanging movement of the Charismatic Leader Pas Claudius, the liberal movement is matching to victory day by day as the ordained movement.

Many detest the name Pas Claudius because the truth is too bitter to swallow but the truth is proving itself out. Instead people should be asking simple pragmatic questions about Pas Claudius ideology for it is becoming clear,

Today’s and tomorrow’s Cameroon is being shaped by the liberals champion by Pas Claudius not Biya not Ni John and Ambazonia is slowly being reduced to a rebellious movement that will surrender by forceIMG_1109

God Blessed Cameroon

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