Intellectual Anglophones Cameroonians

Best article to the wise and the band wagons followers

Since the one and only ambazonia higher institute for the blind and baffle minded elites academy was destroyed by the government in collaboration with Nigeria, Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta have been on the run pushing forward terrorism agenda on their behalf. The leopard has been tip off. since then apprentice preachers or Tapang Ivo’s student have been making noise their burrows by night and being straight by day don’t worry leopards, tigers and lions hunt 24/7. Sisiku thought he was king of the grassland believing wings can stop the elephant and the tigers forgetting elephants and tigers respect and understand each’s Territorial integrity and stability to ensure a smooth ecosystem and tempered in the lions dent having taken odeshi and promised it will hide him and his professors. Hmmmmm noooo now he begging to clean the lions shoes to no avail and Leopard’s toilet and shouting daily thank you God for doing this to me. I Wonder what God he is calling out to. Satan or the God that does not sacrifice even a snail or or the sun god or god of mars!

Today, a handful of owls and woodpecker are disturbing the peace of the land by day and by night thinking their witchcraft will protect them for long. Am sorry since the days of slavery owls have been hunted to extinction thanks to the elephants our children won’t have been able to see this magnificent creatures. Even India failed not by choice but by reality. The lions of the western world are very wise than you think and most of you have under estimated their wisdom. Once you Tapang it you will Tapang for a long time before they pity you with a piece of paper called status. Hence Tapang will Tapang it until he joins Sisiku. Their owls have 360 eyes watching you. Just one wrong corner, tears will run down the eyes of your parents for life

Wisdom give people powers to understand reality and work with it not bend it because we think we are better than another human but can’t proof even one difference to and intellectual dinosaurs.

How can a whole whale forget of shakes in the ocean? How can sardines mistaken a blue whale for a human?

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