Ambazonia Thé Réal Gamble Turn social media association for the confused and induced fustrated Attention seeking Anglophones Cameroonians

Condemn what you can address with a positive alternative. Cameroon has no problem on social media nor is there any relationship between the social media banter and the set problems.
If the government you coin LRP is not you and me then let us hunt it down one step at a time to bring the change you want.

First and famous let ambazonia put forward it accountability and explain the means through which it leaders are voted and the how it decisions are reached. The input and out put of the millions raise to proof it is a better alternative for all to see transparency and democracy that it so preach?

In southern Cameroon, the roads kill thousands, hospitals kill thousands You lack the intellect to address it to go on social media and preach trash in the name of change and the government this and that.who should not be responsible and accountable in Cameroon? The 2million dollars spend by Sisiku to achieve zero will educate and address that problem within a year. That is change. Your change is to spend millions seeking Amba on the streets of Europe so the privilege in Europe can claim asylum better. What of the poor who have no means to get to Europe and claim asylum. What of the poor who can’t do what ekema did but take it abroad to booster their prospects?

img src=”” alt=”877247DE-BF01-4969-BD99-C96C08CB4B7F” width=”638″ height=”479″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3412″/>I know many of the confused anglophones calling themselves Ambazonia will insult but it is good to insult what you can’t defend. Insult is an educated illiterate man’s defence to the inability to evidently defend their preaching.

You started by preaching we are not Cameroonians and being whimps. You have run round the world like lunatic pasting the world with rubbish and being a nuisance on the streets of Europe. You have held children education for 2yrs, held business for 2yrs and preaching you feed Cameroon. 2yrs have come to pass an no Cameroonian is starving to death but anglophones are running to the very zones you are prejudicing through propaganda. What was the rational for such decisions?

When you stupidity fails you steered up a self inflicted refugee crisis, when it failed, you turn to violence and preaching the government this and that and genocide. I can assure you and provide evidence from you that you are solely responsible for the violence and the refugees what more of the world that controls your capital Facebook m? I can point out at list 10 anglophones sinking ambazonia in Europe but are worse than ekema to proof to you ekema is just a tip of the iceberg. So many of you singing ambazonia in Europe are still in government books as ghost workers. I can point to at least 2 of your ghost leaders misleading the people to gain refugee status in Europe in the name of ambazonia.

I want the government to do the right thing, bring it self to accountability through audit and send a warrant of arrest for all Cameroonians be it those who are on foreign passport food fraud and milking the system. I think that will be the best way forward. I truly believe Ekema will support this move. We want change so let put the change on the table!


You are not the first confused fustrated Africans who will preach anti Europeans dominance just to return begging for help from them. seek recolonisation if that will help you. Psychopaths.

I have not move a step since the struggle began and have not change like a chameleon yet I am still a Cameroonian born in Bamenda seeking change.C7D2E82C-4D9D-443D-82BC-C72ED85A6172.jpeg

I wonder how long it will take you to understand the meaning of change and better life. Zimbabwe believed Mugabe was the worse person and chase him away yet the country is going to full demonstration. Gambians where told, only if they separate from Senegal will they find a better life. Good enough 3decades on where is the good life? South Sudan the same etc How long will it take you to learn? Soon Biya will be gone and the next Mr man or woman will come in only to be condemned tomorrow. Even Sisiku will have his own. Even in England,Tony Blaire was becoming the bad leader hence conservatives preached the better alternative which was very good only if you are the rich man. Kids are graduating today with 10x debts than with Blaire in the name of cutting the budget. Parents becoming poorer.Trump in the USA is on another spiral.

Your own android are only there to select what you think is good.Am sorry you have all lost the plug.

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