Fighters for ambazonia nation take of the decade

E5C57C2A-F004-4FE2-83C8-6AB1C5F0C33COne advice to all of you, stop crying genocide seeking pampering like babies but advocating for a fight. I have not started be ready to fight for at least 2 decades.

I am still pampering you and already you are begging for mercy and fighting.grow up whimps. Genocide genocide only when I pamper you but when you kill one soldier you go parading. Stupidity

It not by choice Amba failed internationally but by reality. Some have accepted the fate while others have resorted to arms. Let us use history to justify ourselves of what lies ahead. If you are dreaming of independence then why run to safe land and spread rubbish in your burrows? Return to the land you called ambazonia and fight. You will need to fight for at least 2decades before the attention you are seeking will be notice by then, there will be nobody standing to sign your surrender.

Called on you leaders preaching in their burrows to come to the war front.

As I warned you last time, you are fanatics not ideologist. You should be defending an ideology not vandalism.

Before, you condemn don’t hide behind keyboards but head to the violence zone and cross the line.

Novice fighters in their burrows. You can fight for ever your benefit will be zero. South Sudan is my evidence.

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