Radicalisation of youths more dangerous than the violence.

Cameroon Crisis update.

I tell you the truth, if you think what Amba is doing is bad, this is nothing to what they are planting. Your children are being brainwashed to become the real societal menace. No school or ghost town is the worst war strategy. Many youths will become teenage parents. Many will become arm rubbers using the very weapons we have provided on us because we have destroyed their life(s) in the name of a better future. If you doubt me then study human psychology and Sigmund Freud. South Africa is a good case study.

We want the USA and the U.K. together with the European Union to take this issue serious and take the necessary measures to insure their citizens do not bring induce hatred and terrorism behaviours in ordinary citizens.

This Radicalisation is by Cameroonians who may or may not be citizens of Cameroon any longer. We want you to safe this sub saharan area becoming another terrorist breading ground.

Together, let us say no to Radicalisation of innocent citizens affected by economic problems not political issues.

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