When will Cameroonians especially anglophones stand up and be responsible?

IMG_1301Anglophone Cameroonians have a problem just like any other Cameroonian or Africans and the best solution is colonisation by the British for Cameroonian anglophones to give them that real sense of Englishness they are seeking. Africans begging to be English.

Has any European ever come to Africa for our assistance to address their political problems? None. Europeans only come to you for manpower when they need you. Africans are economic slaves for the west yet we don’t see this fact eroding African society.
Europeans used barbaric means enslaved their fellow citizens even us to built their societies. Develop their democracy and norms in their societies. Africans a century behind Europeans want to accept European norms without asking yourself just one question; the best point of reference is the Chinese. Did they follow the European norms to attend their economic miracle? It is without flaws? Above all what are the flaws of the European models? Great Zimbabwe, Egypt, Timbuktu are a point of reference pre-dating many European civilisations. Stop being stupid Africans.

Africans grow up.

Before the Europeans Africans had a system, norm and a culture. We are refusing to accept our identity and develop our culture to our needs.

Look at anglophone Cameroonians running to the west even for their own history. It is a disgrace.

Europeans do not address our needs, they exploit our stupidity to their advantage. If I am wrong spell just one country that stands as a proof to contradict my statement?

Good blessed Cameroon.

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