Anglophones Cameroonians abroad have set the land ablaze

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Look on social media you will see the crisis as become an attention seeking strategy.

A normal protest by Cameroonians that started in Bamenda has become a centre of attention for the international community.

No matter what you think or read on social media, the facts are clear anglophones abroad along with SCNC members are fully responsible for inciting the violence in order to gain attention hence international support for their agenda for ignoring all the consequences ordinary people on the ground are facing. It all started with propaganda sexing up information to present their views. It all failed hence attention shifted to self determination.

No foreign nation will support such a move without ambazonia addressing self determination for any one group that may also seek independence tomorrow.

We don't want South Sudan and there will be no independence for ambazonia nor two state federal system that put Bamenda and kumba together. The geography of the land makes independence un achievable

It is high time the international community address it citizens inciting this violence through propaganda to achieve their selfish aims.

Anglophone are as bad as francophones stop this rhetoric of pure innocent nonsense. Not even one of you condemning the the nation has any pure solution.

@UNHumanRights @amnesty @USEmbYaounde @USSenate

@UNHumanRights @BBC @CNN @washingtonpost @amnesty @ChrisCoons @EmmanuelMacron @PLinUN @NLatUN

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