WikiLeaks: How Francophone Africa gets indebted through theft and manipulation

January 10, 2011

As we continue to deplore the continuous manipulation of Francophone Africa  by successive colonial administrators  and their master France,

we also urged on the need for us to come together and take our own destiny into our hands. Among others, we have to cancel the so called “debts we owe” these vampires, as well as nationalise all their assets and related unscrupulously-privatised corporations in Cameroon and the rest of the continent. We express the urgent need to cut all monetary (FCFA) ties with France and implore on our imminent future leaders to work with them as partners if we must continue collaborating. Anything short of  this, we must also add and accentuate deals with potential partners like  Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela, Iran, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Below is a WikiLeaks  US Embassy-Cameroon confidential cable released on December 28, 201o and dated July 07, 2009. It reveals how the vampires ruling the Central African sub Region (CEMAC)  through the regional bank BEAC, connived with France to steal billions of our funds to fund French politics. Soon the same guys ruling us will go after loans from this same France and her allies with fabulous sums as interest rates. Read on

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